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PERT PLUS Honey Extracts Shampoo 400 ml

PERT PLUS Honey Extracts Shampoo 400 ml
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PERT PLUS Honey Extracts Shampoo 400 ml
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Pert Plus shampoo with honey extracts for fine hair for oily hair. It cleanses the hair of excess oil and prevents the formation of dandruff. It also nourishes and strengthens thinning hair.

Benefits and Features:
1- Makes your hair softer with one wash.
2- Rich in natural ingredients for healthy hair washing.
3-To help clean your hair and scalp effectively.
4- It does not dry out your hair.
5-Package is convenient for travel.
6-Provides vitamins for hair, which helps in hair growth and strengthening to reduce hair loss.

Brand: Prit Plus
Made in: Germany
Model: shampoo
Shampoo Types: Daily care
Size: 400ml

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