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Agiss Nail Color Remover Double Care - 60 ml
-18 %
Agiss nail color remover protects nails from drying out and helps them stay vibrant. It intensively moisturizes the nails, nourishes them and prevents them from deformation at the same time, strengthening them by maintaining their elasticity. It also gives the nails the correct shape and prevents th..
S.R 5.79 S.R 7.03
Ex Tax: S.R 5.04
MAVALA Nail Shield is a specific 2 - phase application product which forms a strong physical protection to reinforce weak and fragile nails while allowing them to grow naturally underneath .  Benefits and Features: Its use has been popular in nail strengthening for over 50 years. Mavala N..
S.R 62.43
Ex Tax: S.R 54.29
 Fast Dry, Hard Coat & Glossy Shine. This integrated 3-in-1 product from Revuele is a professional preparation that allows in 60 seconds to obtain a solid polymer-acrylic topcoat with Teflon protection, strengthening the nail plate and giving it a brilliant shine. The combination of active ingred..
S.R 22.99
Ex Tax: S.R 19.99
Professional intensive nail strengthening care with multivitamin and calcium complex. Revitalizes damaged structure and improves the appearance of weak, soft and stratified nails. An innovative lotion formula with peach oil and keratin deeply nourishes and moisturizes nails, preventing their stratif..
S.R 22.99
Ex Tax: S.R 19.99
This formula enriched with Aloe Vera, Apricot Oil and Wheat Proteins from Rivoli smoothes and gently exfoliates the skin in just a few minutes without the use of painful tools! Aloe vera extract moisturizes the skin complexion, making it smoother, thinner and blurred. Apricot oil gives nails a healt..
S.R 22.99
Ex Tax: S.R 19.99
Revuele 9 in 1 nail treatment with argan oil and vitamins treats all these problems at once: Stratification Brittle Slow-growing Weakened Uneven Soft Dull Thin Not holding polish Benefits and Features: An effective treatment for a flawless and healthy manicure. It ..
S.R 22.99
Ex Tax: S.R 19.99
Revuele nail treatment contains diamond powder and titanium that protect and care for brittle nails, so it is very effective in strengthening your nails and helping to prepare the perfect manicure. It can be used as a base layer that strengthens your nails and protects them from the negative effects..
S.R 22.99
Ex Tax: S.R 19.99
A tool used to file and shape the edges of nails. The file is usually used to care for and beautify the nails of the hands and feet...
S.R 173.49
Ex Tax: S.R 150.86
Classics Nail Polish Remover Extera Glycerin - 250 ml
-56 %
Nail polish remover gently and effectively removes all traces of nail polish. It contains glycerin oil to remove nail polish and moisturize at the same time, as it maintains the nails and protects them from breakage. It moisturizes the nails and the surrounding skin. Leaves nails clean and blemish f..
S.R 8.73 S.R 19.94
Ex Tax: S.R 7.59
Mavala Nourishing Nail Oil, for a daily nail root massage. For long and beautiful nails. Benefits and Features: Its use has been popular in nail strengthening for over 50 years. Mavala Nail Hardener strengthens soft, brittle and brittle nails and makes them look healthier. Its formula s..
S.R 68.00
Ex Tax: S.R 59.13
Al Attar Nail Polish Cracked Cuticle Balm - 75 ml
Buy 2 for 1
Al Attar Balm for cracked skin around the nails.. Natural, pure and high quality product, for rough, dry and cracked skin, containing 25% of it is a crystalline substance specially formulated chemically for concentrated and effective hydration of the skin. Benefits and Features: Soothes dry..
S.R 13.42
Ex Tax: S.R 11.67
Amytis Garden Multi-Use Essential Oil With Rose - 60 ml
-41 %
A multi-use essential oil with a beautiful scent of roses that can be used for the face, body, hair or even nails, 100% pure and natural. It contains the necessary vitamins in addition to a group of oils that work against aging and give the skin freshness and vitality in addition to treating many pr..
S.R 10.82 S.R 18.40
Ex Tax: S.R 9.41
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