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Massages/ Cleansing / Steamers Appliances

It boosts collagen production, completely reduces wrinkles, fights aging and helps reduce scars on the face. It helps to heal acne quickly because it enhances the absorption of the necessary topical treatments, and removes the spots that have formed in them. Treating cracked skin and keeping i..
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Jade Facial & Massager - also known as youth stone, is a popular natural method in Asia to maintain young and healthy skin. Massaging with a sting roller has many benefits: The rollers shiver closed the pores Puffiness and dark circles under the eyes are reduced Increases blood circulation ..
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Pinjing Visual Blackhead Absorber is designed to combat those pesky blackheads on the face The smart feature of the device is the ability to display the cleaning process on the phone screen The device connects to a smartphone via Wi-Fi. This absorbent has a 3MP camera, which is enough to view ..
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Massage gun for muscle massage 6 heads
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  6 Professional Massage Heads: 6 different massage heads can suit any part of the body. Give more precise and comfortable relaxation to the muscles and relief of injuries caused by muscle fatigue. Interchangeable massage heads in 10 shapes not only target specific muscle groups for faster ..
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Facial cleansing kit for smooth and glowing skin! Deep cleansing, exfoliation, gentle massage and a refreshing treatment Content: 2 speed scrubber (2 AA batteries not included), 1 150ml facial cleanser, 1 carrying case, 2 cleansing brushes, 1 silicone massage brush. Instructions for use: Se..
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5 in 1 Electric Facial Cleansing Machine Pore Cleanser Body Massager Electric Face Brush Compact design Smoothen your face Improve skin luster and elasticity for daily use 1. Exfoliate dead skin cells to reveal fresh and youthful skin. It penetrates the skin and maintains its nourishment and moistur..
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Blue led light to combat skin impurities Enriched with miscelles that captures and lifts away residue from face Cleans impurities for a healthy looking skin Purifies and tones your skin ensuring a brighter complexion Reduces the signs of ageing by maintaining the elasticity of the skin..
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Experience deep sense of relaxation. The Massage has a Prominent head which accords with the Foot Structure. Cooperate with high frequency to shake,stimulate the foot point effectively. promote the energies to circulate,improve metabolism,improve the resistance against diseases...
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Focus Pull Out Vacuum Apparatus - 12 pcs..
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Experience the power of professional salon-quality manicures and pedicures in your hands without ever leaving the comfort of your home. Whether you have natural or acrylic nails, this device is perfect for you. Say goodbye to expensive trips to the salon & hello to beautiful, glowing nails every da..
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Pedicure set with 4 attachments Water heating function Aromatherapy diffuser 4 massaging rollers 70 air nozzles for relaxing bubble massage Heated foot rest platform with 400 Massaging protrusions Nail & foot drying function Safe anti slip feet Anti spill attachment . W..
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A revolutionary, sonic-powered, silicone facial-cleansing brush that deep cleans and delivers a powerful anti-aging treatment for brighter, firmer, more youthful-looking skin...
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