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Face primer

Maybelline Fit Me Luminous + Smooth Hydrating Primer, 30ml
-26 %
Description: Fit Me Luminous + Smooth primer hydrates and smoothes skin for a 16-hour dewy makeup look. Benefits: Infused with mattifying minerals, this formula smooths and evens skin tone. Your perfect fit starts here with our SPF 20 hydrating primer. How to use: Smooth onto bare skin. C..
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Ex Tax: S.R 32.96
Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte + Poreless Mattifying Primer, 30ml
-26 %
Description: Fit Me Matte + Poreless primer blurs pores, minimizes imperfections and controls shine for a 16-hour natural matte makeup look. Benefits: Infused with mattifying minerals, this formula smooths and evens skin tone. Your perfect fit starts here with our mattifying primer SPF 20...
S.R 37.90 S.R 51.00
Ex Tax: S.R 32.96
Nyx Primer Glitter 10 ml
-39 %
Description: Nyx Glitter Setting Primer maximizes the effect of shine and keeps every glitter in place with Glitter Primer, It is a light and creamy formula that holds firmly to keep the glow of the face and body exactly where you want it. Benefits: Instantly prepares skin to keep face and ..
S.R 49.00 S.R 80.00
Ex Tax: S.R 42.61
Benefit The Professional Pearl Primer – 22 Ml
-41 %
Description: Professional Pearl Cream Primer and Brightens the Skin from Benefit Cosmetics. The soft primer reduces the appearance of large pores, works to fix makeup, and helps lighten, nourish and radiate the skin. With a soft, oil-free formula with a touch of soft pink pearls. Benefits: ..
S.R 108.65 S.R 184.00
Ex Tax: S.R 94.48
O.TWO.O Zero Pores Soft Focus Make Up Primer 20 Gm.
-38 %
Description: O.TWO.O Zero Pores Primer quickly reduces the appearance of pores and fine lines and keeps your makeup looking its original for longer. Its silky smooth and lightweight formula can be applied under makeup for a gentle layer that ensures you reduce unwanted shine and correct the ap..
S.R 25.85 S.R 41.40
Ex Tax: S.R 22.48
O.TWO.O Primer Skin Perfecting Invisible Pore 25 Ml
-24 %
Description: Developed to prepare the skin before applying foundation It has a very light texture, has a sheer and light finish and instantly moisturizes the face It has a formula that provides a healthy glow to the skin Made with high quality ingredients to ensure skin safety..
S.R 25.00 S.R 33.00
Ex Tax: S.R 21.74
O.TWO.O Hydrating Face Primer Pore Minimizing 20 Ml
-29 %
Description: Developed to prepare the skin before applying foundation It has an ultra-light texture with a sheer, lightweight finish and instantly moisturizes the face It has a formula that provides a healthy glow to the skin Infused with gold flakes, it moisturizes and brightens to leav..
S.R 28.40 S.R 40.25
Ex Tax: S.R 24.70
Rimmel London BB cream Radiance 9in1 SPF20 - 30ml
-29 %
Rimmel London BB cream Radiance 9in1 SPF20: Get healthy & even skin tone. Get radiant makeup look and 24-hour hydration with this BB cream from Rimmel London, with a lighter-than-foundation formula and a natural finish, with UVA protection. Minimizes the appearance of pores. Reduces pigmen..
S.R 29.95 S.R 42.17
Ex Tax: S.R 26.04
Benefit Browvo Conditioning Primer - 3 ml
-44 %
The Benefit Browvo Conditioning Primer is a product designed to enhance and condition your eyebrows. Here are some of the benefits and features of this product: Conditioning: The Browvo Conditioning Primer is enriched with keratin and soy proteins, which help to nourish and condition the eyebrows..
S.R 91.00 S.R 163.00
Ex Tax: S.R 79.13
Bourjois healthy mix primer - 20 ml
-63 %
ANTI-FATIGUE PRIMER With its blend of vitamins and its blurring action, it instantly conceals signs of fatigue, smoothes pores and fine lines, to give you a fresh and radiant complexion. Apply alone or before foundation. Benefits and Features: Bourjois BB Cream has a light formula that allo..
S.R 28.00 S.R 76.67
Ex Tax: S.R 24.35
Benefit The PORE fessional Face Primer 22ml
-39 %
Benefit The POREfessional Face Primer : Quickly minimize the appearance of pores & fine lines for smoother-than-smooth skin! Apply this silky, lightweight balm alone, under or over makeup. The translucent formula contains a vitamin E derivative known to protect skin from free radicals...
S.R 115.00 S.R 188.18
Ex Tax: S.R 100.00
MAKE UP FOREVER Step 1 Skin Equalizer Primer 9 , 30Ml
-33 %
Description: Primer patch from MickUp for Ever, with a creamy texture. Corrects mammiferous or medium skin. Suitable for preparing skin before make-up, balances skin tone, corrects redness in white skin, and makes it bright...
S.R 121.40 S.R 182.08
Ex Tax: S.R 105.57
L'Oreal - Infallible Matte Primer 35 ml
-45 %
Description: The L'Oreal Paris Infallible Matte Priming Base prepares and smoothes the skin by minimising the imperfections, pores and shine. It has the ability to transform skins texture for an even surface with velvet-soft touch. The foundation glides seamlessly across the skin providing a ..
S.R 40.89 S.R 74.75
Ex Tax: S.R 35.56
e.l.f Mineral Infused Face Primer, Clear, 14 Ml
-41 %
Fills In Fine Lines and Pores for a Flawless Finish Pump Applicator Become Your Own Makeup Artist Transform your face into a flawless and smooth canvas with the Mineral Infused Face Primer Developed to combat excess oil, flaky dryness, enlarged pores and fine lines to result in a natura..
S.R 33.85 S.R 57.50
Ex Tax: S.R 29.43
e.l.f Power Grip Primer 24 Ml
-33 % Not Available
Description Primer to soften the skin and fix makeup: Your makeup? It will remain stable. Prep your skin with this amazing gel face primer to set your makeup and create a smoothing effect and a smoother look. Benefits: For all skin types: The primer formula features a transparent, colorless..
S.R 48.55 S.R 72.83
Ex Tax: S.R 42.22

Forever52 Moisture Base (Pre Makeup) MPM001 - 30 ml
-32 % Pre order
Daily Life Forever 52's Moisture Base is a clear, silicone-based gel that smoothes and mattifies skin. It reduces blemishes by filling in the pores and making the skin look flawless. It gives a silky touch to the skin, and leaves a suitable base for fixing makeup. Benefits and features: A li..
S.R 26.75 S.R 39.45
Ex Tax: S.R 23.26

Dr. Rashel 24 karat gold anti-aging face primer and serum - 100 ml
-61 % Not Available
Description: 24 karat gold serum primer Anti-wrinkle and gives glow to the skin Rich in nutrients for the skin, it penetrates deep into the skin to moisturize Anti-aging, tightening the skin, making it plump, hydrated and radiant, and increasing its suppleness Gold nitrate removes tox..
S.R 13.53 S.R 35.00
Ex Tax: S.R 11.76

Anastsia metallic face primer saturated with a shine   14 ml
-65 % Not Available
Developed to prep the skin before foundation application The make-up gives a matte finish and instantly refreshes the complexion It has a formula that provides a healthy glow to the skin..
S.R 11.87 S.R 33.55
Ex Tax: S.R 10.32

MAYBELLINE NEW YORK Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Primer - 22 ml
-50 % Not Available
Description: Hypoallergenic and fragrance-free Keeps skin moisturized for a light feel all day long Helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles or large pores Maybelline New York..
S.R 25.95 S.R 51.75
Ex Tax: S.R 22.57

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