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Nail hardeners
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Nail hardeners

Planula is a 4-way colored nail file that comes in two sizes, both fine and rough, ensuring a gentle treatment for your nails. Nail file gives you fully polished nails the natural way. Nail polishes in seconds Shape and smooth your nails with very little effort. It is just as safe as dead skin re..
S.R 10.00
Ex Tax: S.R 8.70
Titania Nail Hardener - 10 ml
-41 %
Titania 1105 Nail Hardener is used as a classic nail polish. One application per week of this strengthening varnish will reinforce the nail structure by acting as a protective layer. The cap contains an applicator brush that facilitates its application. The nail polish hardener comes in a 10ml bo..
S.R 16.24 S.R 27.60
Ex Tax: S.R 14.12
Mavala MavaDry Spray - 150 ml
-49 %
The perfect solution to speed up nail polish drying time. It prevents the nail polish from cracking and gives the color a high luster. The perfect choice for both dry and glossy polishes...
S.R 32.50 S.R 63.25
Ex Tax: S.R 28.26
Mavala Nail Shield Nail Strengthening Oil 2*10 ml
-18 %
MAVALA Nail Shield is a specific 2 - phase application product which forms a strong physical protection to reinforce weak and fragile nails while allowing them to grow naturally underneath .  Benefits and Features: Its use has been popular in nail strengthening for over 50 years. Mav..
S.R 51.41 S.R 62.43
Ex Tax: S.R 44.71
Revuele Complex 3 in 1 Nail Treatment - 10ml
-18 %
 Fast Dry, Hard Coat & Glossy Shine. This integrated 3-in-1 product from Revuele is a professional preparation that allows in 60 seconds to obtain a solid polymer-acrylic topcoat with Teflon protection, strengthening the nail plate and giving it a brilliant shine. The combination of..
S.R 18.94 S.R 22.99
Ex Tax: S.R 16.47
Revuele Express Nail Treatment to Remove Excess Skin Around the Nails - 10 ml
-18 %
This formula enriched with Aloe Vera, Apricot Oil and Wheat Proteins from Rivoli smoothes and gently exfoliates the skin in just a few minutes without the use of painful tools! Aloe vera extract moisturizes the skin complexion, making it smoother, thinner and blurred. Apricot oil gives nails a healt..
S.R 18.94 S.R 22.99
Ex Tax: S.R 16.47
Revuele Diamond Power Nail Strengthening Treatment - 10 ml
-18 %
Revuele nail treatment contains diamond powder and titanium that protect and care for brittle nails, so it is very effective in strengthening your nails and helping to prepare the perfect manicure. It can be used as a base layer that strengthens your nails and protects them from the negative ef..
S.R 18.94 S.R 22.99
Ex Tax: S.R 16.47
Mavala Mavaderma Nourishing Nail Massage Oil - 10 ml
-17 %
Mavala Nourishing Nail Oil, for a daily nail root massage. For long and beautiful nails. Benefits and Features: Its use has been popular in nail strengthening for over 50 years. Mavala Nail Hardener strengthens soft, brittle and brittle nails and makes them look healthier. Its formula s..
S.R 56.22 S.R 68.00
Ex Tax: S.R 48.89
Eveline Nail Therapy 6 In1 Care & Colour French 5 ml
-40 %
Protects nails against cracking, breaking and splitting. Revolutionary and unique formula with active Colour&Double Strong complex penetrates deep into nail plate structure, thus effectively regenerating and rebuilding it. Tightens, maximally smoothness and makes damaged nails regain even su..
S.R 14.53 S.R 24.31
Ex Tax: S.R 12.64
eveline X-Treme Gel Effect Top Coat Liquid Glass 12 ml
-41 %
Innovative formula of the product with Liquid Glass complex penetrates through the colour nail polish giving the effect of GEL MANICURE. It gives the nails exceptional shine and extends nail polish durability 3 times. It leaves perfectly even and shiny nail surface, extremely resistant to wearing an..
S.R 15.29 S.R 25.99
Ex Tax: S.R 13.29
Eveline Extreme Growth Protein Nail Conditioner & Base Coat 12 ml
-27 %
Nail Therapy Extreme Growth is a unique nail conditioner containing natural proteins of wheat, wheat, soy and corn, and effectively hardening and strengthening the oil from the Pistacia lentiscus on the Greek island of Chios. The formula of conditioners strengthens, cures and rebuilds allowing ..
S.R 17.28 S.R 23.52
Ex Tax: S.R 15.02
Eveline Total Action 8 in 1 Intensive Nail Therapy Conditioner with Silver Shine 12 ml
-41 %
Designed for damaged and brittle nails, Stimulates the growth of nail plate Shimmering silver manicure effect with even surface and shine Protects against cracking, braking and splitting Restores nail's smooth surface, Active Strong Nail ™ complex X-Treme Rebuilding Formula ..
S.R 16.02 S.R 27.23
Ex Tax: S.R 13.93
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