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Canderel is a great way to replace sugar in your favorite sweet meals. Ideal for those who do not like the bitter taste of other sweeteners. Suitable for a low carb diet...
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Description Sore throats often arrive with a cough and blocked nose. Benefits: Relieve Cough Clear blocked nose Soothe sore throat How to use: Adults and Children 6 years and above: Dissolve 1 lozenge in your mouth every 2 hours as needed.​..
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Vitamin C Cream for Lightening and Firming the Skin - 50 gm. Vitamin C extract to lighten and lift the skin - 30 ml. Repairs and deeply nourishes the eye skin - 15 ml. Facial Cleanser with Vitamin C to Lighten and Firm the Skin - 100 ml. Vitamin C Toner For Lightening And Firming Skin - ..
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Ken Mos contains mosquito repellent from natural flowers. The use of Ken Mousse protects you from mosquitoes for 6-8 hours. Ken Mousse contains moisturizer to make the skin soft and smooth. Ken Mousse does not stick to the skin, is gentle on the face and does not harm children...
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Organically tested soft and gentle lubricating gel It can be used with condoms without any effect on it – laboratory and organically tested Skin friendly and non-sticky Gives a feeling of comfort - more moisture Color and fragrance free A water-based Free from processed fats Masculan gel is..
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Purever Omega 3 Gummies For Kids - 2.2 X 60 gm
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A source of omega-3 fatty acids, docosahexaenoic acid and eicosapentaenoic acid to maintain good health for children. How to use: For children from two to four years of age: two tablets daily, orally. For children 4 years and older: two tablets three times daily orally. Warnings: k..
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Purever Gummies Calcium Supplement For Kids - 2.2 X 60 gm
-42 %
Purever chewing gum is a calcium supplement for children that contributes to maintaining good health and helps in the growth and strengthening of bones and teeth. It also contributes to raising immunity and developing skills in the child, as it contains vitamin D3, which helps and supports the stren..
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Purever Gummy Gum Capsules Multivitamin Dietary Supplement For Children -
-42 %
  How to use: Two tablets daily to be taken orally, with food, a few hours before or after taking any other medicine. Ingredients: Vitamin ( as Vitamin A Palmitate)................................393 mcg  Vitamin C ( as Ascorbic Acid ) ...................................10 mg Vitamin D..
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Aichun beauty essential oil insect repellent, keeps insects away from you and repels them and avoids insect bites, because it contains essential oils that have been extracted from plants that have insecticidal properties. This product from Aichun Beauty reduces inflammation and repairs the skin afte..
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Aichun Beauty is a relaxing and sleep aid essential oil, which can relax and calm nerves, eliminate tension, stress, fatigue and anxiety, adjust mood, improve sleep, and promote drowsiness. As this essential oil improves the quality of sleep with excellent effectiveness, this essential oil is suitab..
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The new Signal Naturals Charcoal brush has ultra-fine bristles that are gentle on teeth and gums Infused with charcoal and charcoal ions to become 99% antibacterial for a gentler, healthier clean Benefits and Features Fine bristles impregnated with charcoal and silver ions for a deeper clean 2..
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What is extiment and what is it used for? It is a treatment for male adults with erectile dysfunction (impotence), a medicinal preparation in which the active substance is sildenafil, which belongs to a PDE5 inhibitor, works by relaxing the blood vessels in the penis, allowing blood to flow durin..
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