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retrieval & replacement

retrieval & replacement

retrieval & replacement

retrieval & replacement

Replacement and Return Policy

Customer satisfaction is our goal, this is what we are keen on in asrar-co

As a result of the nature of the products sold in Asrar-co and for our sake of your safety, it is allowed to retrieve products that arrive damaged to the customer or do not match the request.
How to return / exchange damaged products:
- By contacting the e-mail: [email protected]
Provided that the exchanged / recovered product is in its original condition and with its original packaging and has not been used, opened, or the product's packaging features changed.
-Attaching photos of the damaged product and clarifying the damage or defect in the product.

Is there a cost of return?
The customer bears the shipping costs in the following cases:
1- In the event that a product is returned intact, in its original condition and in conformity with the request.
2- Not responding to the shipping company representative
The value of the shipping fee of 35 riyals will be deducted from the value of the returned product or shipment.

The period allowed for replacement / return of the damaged product:
- The damaged product shall be replaced / retrieved within 7 seven working days from the date of receiving the product.

The replacement / return period for the damaged product:
-The replacement / return process takes 7 ten working days from the date on which the product reaches us and verifies its damage.

How to get a refund of a paid adult:
- The amount is refunded after the damaged product arrives to us and its condition is confirmed, and then the amount is transferred to your account within 5 working days.

Q: In the event of a replacement and there is a difference in the value:
- When you want to replace the damaged product, and choose an alternative product, the amount of the difference between the damaged product and the replacement product will be paid.

  We are happy to serve you .... Your satisfaction is important to us