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Brushes and Tools
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Brushes and Tools

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dual-Ended Firm Angled Brush 12
-26 %
Anastasia Beverly Hills 12 Brush - Double-ended Fixed Angle Brush is a tapered, angled brow brush with durable synthetic fibers. Perfect for applying DIPBROW® Pomade to brows with high-definition precision, this dense, double-sided brush creates hair-like strokes while the coiled tip blends product ..
S.R 78.68 S.R 106.79
Ex Tax: S.R 68.42
O.TOW.O Soft Skin Makeup Sponge Set
-18 %
O2O Makeup Sponge is the perfect product for applying your favorite foundation, BB and CC cream, or any creamy makeup. This product makes application much easier and gives you a perfect finish and flawless edges. Contains: The first product: It is a large sponge for soft skin used for the w..
S.R 27.60 S.R 33.51
Ex Tax: S.R 24.00
Dodo Label Face Lifting Tapes - 40 tapes
-29 %
A perfect slim V-line face is the dream of many women, these smart patches give you that dream without any surgery by tightening, improving and defining the shape of your face safely and effectively, women who suffer from puffiness and sagging in the face and are not satisfied with their current fac..
S.R 9.47 S.R 13.42
Ex Tax: S.R 8.24
Ecotools Enhancing Eye Set of 4 brush heads (1217)
-29 %
Four to two volumizing makeup brushes, freeing up space in your makeup bag and making day-to-night transitions a breeze Each end of the makeup brush has a description of how to use it Shade and Line Brush: Apply shadow to the entire eyelid with the highlighter brush, flip it over and use the s..
S.R 19.21 S.R 27.22
Ex Tax: S.R 16.71
Ecotools Wonder Cover Skin Brush, 1 Brush (1601)
-29 %
The Wonder Cover™ Complexion brush is designed with 100,000 full coverage bristles to cover both liquid and cream foundations in less time The brush can be used wet or dry With a simple sweep, camouflage common skin problems like rosacea, hyperpigmentation, and blemishes Moisten the bristle..
S.R 33.82 S.R 47.92
Ex Tax: S.R 29.41
Ecotools Set of 5 Daily Eyeliner Brushes, with Storage Tray (1627)
-29 %
5 Essential Brushes With Storage Box For Classic Smokey Eyes recyclable plastic biodegradable paper vegetarian Cruelty-free home Daily Defined Eye Kit includes 5 essential brushes with a reusable storage case for any eye look day or night. Apply shadow to the eyelid using a large s..
S.R 33.82 S.R 47.92
Ex Tax: S.R 29.41
Ecotools 360 Ultimate Blend Makeup Brushes Set Foundation, Concealer, Blush Set of 3 Brushes (1636)
-29 %
A set of makeup brushes for your face, it will give you impressive results. The following brushes are included: Ultimate Buff - Apply cream and liquid in circular motions to the skin Ultimate Pop - Apply blush and bronzer to the skin Final Cover - Apply concealer or highlighter to apples, ch..
S.R 42.62 S.R 60.38
Ex Tax: S.R 37.06
 Ecotools Eye Kit Interchangeables Makeup Brushes Set with Case, 7 Brushes (3137)
-31 %
Description Total Eye Renewal set includes 7 brush heads with 1 small handle and a reusable tin tray for storage. Small blue handle will connect to any small blue brush heads in the Interchangeables collection. Build out your collection to be completely customized to your needs. Included: 1 sm..
S.R 49.57 S.R 71.88
Ex Tax: S.R 43.10
EcoTools Daily Essentials Makeup Brush Set with 5 Interchangeable Brushes, 2 Handles and Storage Case
-31 %
The flat foundation brush has a large head and handle, with dense bristles with a flat cut, perfect for applying foundation for a streak-free finish. Choose; click; Creates ; Using the easy and secure attachment technology, secure the brush heads to the makeup brush handle for the desired use ..
S.R 49.57 S.R 71.88
Ex Tax: S.R 43.10
BH  Pink Dot Collection Brush Set  11 Piece
-29 %
Our adorable Dot Collection - 11 Piece Brush Sets are spot on!  Cruelty free synthetic brushes Multifunctional for face & eyes High quality, Protective cylinder brush case included Easy to clean..
S.R 41.35 S.R 58.57
Ex Tax: S.R 35.95
Daroge Studded Elegance 12 Piece Brush Set DG-808
-44 %
Daroge Studded Elegance 12 Piece Brush Set..
S.R 61.33 S.R 110.40
Ex Tax: S.R 53.33
 Daroge Make Up Brush 12 Pcs DG-803
-41 %
 Daroge Make Up Brush 12 Pcs DG-803 Powder brush  Eyeshadow brush Shading brush Small fan brush Eyeliner brush Blush brush Concealer brush Eyeshadow brush Tapered foundation brush Nasal shadow brush Angled powder brush Eyeshadow brush..
S.R 37.88 S.R 64.40
Ex Tax: S.R 32.94
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