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Pert Daily Care Shampoo 200 ml

Pert Daily Care Shampoo 200 ml
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Pert Daily Care Shampoo 200 ml
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Pert Plus Shampoo with honey extracts for normal hair 200ml Inspired by the famous Arab mixtures for normal hair, it works to soften the hair and improve its texture. It also enhances the natural shine of the hair to leave your hair always shiny. With honey extract known for its nourishing properties that moisturize and soften the hair, Pert Plus Shampoo leaves your hair soft and smooth, easy to manage. Pert Plus shampoo with honey can be used for normal hair to obtain the softness and benefits of traditional Arabic mixtures without the hassle of preparing them.

How to use

Apply well to wet hair, rinse and repeat the process as needed.

Brand: Prit Plus
Hair Type: For normal hair
Made in: Germany
Model: shampoo
Size: 200ml

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