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Surrati Khaltath Sharqiah Freshener 500 ml

Surrati Khaltath Sharqiah Freshener 500 ml
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Surrati Khaltath Sharqiah Freshener 500 ml
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Surrati Murouj Khaltath Sharqiah Freshener is a freshener and sanitizer with a luxurious imaginative scent that contains a concentrated perfume flavor and a solvent and is distinguished by not containing alcohol. It has a strong, beautiful, long-lasting scent.

Benefits and features:

A perfume with a strong and distinctive scent that lasts for very long periods.
Surrati perfumes are distinguished by their stable scent and long lasting.
Surrati perfumes are characterized by not containing alcohol and harmful substances.
Surrati perfume is perfectly suitable for daily use.
Surrati perfumes feature distinctive and different scents that suit all tastes.
the components:

Sterile water, concentrated perfume flavor and solvent.


For external use only, keep in a cool, dry place, out of reach of children.

Brand: Surrati
Made in: KSA
Model: Air Freshener
Size: 500ml

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