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QV Baby Cleansing Bar - 100 gm

QV Baby Cleansing Bar - 100 gm
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QV Baby Cleansing Bar - 100 gm
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Description :
QV soap is balanced in pH, which helps maintain the natural protection of your child’s skin, unlike other types of soap with a high pH that cause irritation and inflammation of your child’s skin. It is suitable for use every day since the birth of your child. It works to moisturize and clean the skin and does not cause Hypoallergenic, suitable for sensitive and dry skin.

Benefits and features:
  It has no aromatic smell
  Suitable for sensitive and inflamed skin
  Free of colour, fragrance and other skin irritants
Non-greasy, easy to absorb and long lasting
Suitable for daily use and for conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis

How to use:
Use QV soap to clean the desired area of your child’s skin. Suction it with water to remove it, and gently dry the skin. It can be reused if additional cleaning of the skin is desired. Try to keep the soap dry and not immersed in water so that it can be used for long periods without problems.

Avoid using soap around or inside the eyes, for external use only.

Made in: Australia
Model: Soap
Size: 100 gm

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