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Lakme Collage Clair Hair Color 12/20 Violet Superblonding

Lakme Collage Clair Hair Color 12/20 Violet Superblonding
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Lakme Collage Clair Hair Color 12/20 Violet Superblonding
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It contains the least ammonia and soybean complex that gives shiny, soft and healthy hair. It strengthens the hair fiber making it look healthier and shinier after colouring.
It guarantees superior coverage on the hair and a special color for graying, providing brilliantly balanced tones. A wide range of colors for easy access to
Desired color without mixtures, to enhance the beauty of the hair and achieve impressive results.
One of the best ammonia-free dyes that gives you a bright and strong color, and is distinguished by its natural oils that nourish the hair.

Ammonia side effects:
1- Damage to the outer cortex of the hair.
2- Scalp burns.
3- Dry hair.
How to use:
1- Buy two packages of the dye: even if you have medium length hair.
2- Choose the dye on the skin: If you have sensitive skin, it is preferable to do a dye test on an area of ​​the scalp to see if you will suffer from allergic reactions.
3- Apply Vaseline to the hairline: to protect your face and skin from smudging.
4- Comb your hair: Make sure to detangle the hair before you start dyeing the hair.
5- Section your hair.
6- Mix the dye.
7- Start distributing the dye: using an old comb.
8-Use a toothbrush: Use an old toothbrush or a mascara brush to dye the roots.
9- Leave the dye on the hair.
10- Wash your hair properly.

Brand: Lakme
Color: Super Blonding -12/20
Made in: Spain
Model: Hair Pigment
Size: 60 ml

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