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Kryolan Supracolor Foundation Naturell 30 ml

Kryolan Supracolor Foundation Naturell 30 ml
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Kryolan Supracolor Foundation Naturell 30 ml
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Kryolan compact foundation, characterized by its high skin coverage and its tremendous ability to hide blemishes, scars, and pimples to give a perfect appearance to your skin. It comes in several colors, and this color is characterized by being a natural color suitable for those with light skin. It is gentle on the skin and works to moisturize it, in only a small amount. You can cover your entire face


Compact and concealer foundation with very high coverage, full cover (full coverage of the skin).
It is preferred to be used on occasions because it covers skin imperfections and pigmentation.
Easy to use and spread with a sponge.
It is recommended to use loess powder.

How To Use:

Clean your skin in the normal way and dry it, moisturize it with a light moisturizing cream, let your skin absorb the moisturizing cream, then apply the foundation with your fingers or a sponge and distribute it well over all the skin of the face, leave it a little to dry to get completely covered, radiant skin. It is preferable to use it on special occasions. For its superior coverage

Brand: Kryolan
Made in: Germany
Model: Foundation
Size: 30 Ml

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