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Darog Cheek & Lip Mousse DG04 Pink - 12 ml

Darog Cheek & Lip Mousse DG04 Pink - 12 ml
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Darog Cheek & Lip Mousse DG04 Pink - 12 ml
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Liquid Lipstick & Blush is a versatile cosmetic product that can be used to add color and define cheeks and lips. It usually comes in a lightweight fluid texture that blends easily into the skin for a smooth, natural finish.

Liquid blushes and lips are designed to provide a buildable, long-wearing formula that lets you control color intensity. Whether you prefer a subtle, natural color or a bold look, the liquid texture makes the product easy to stack and blend to achieve your desired effect.

One of the advantages of liquid blushes and lipsticks is their versatile nature. As the name suggests, it can be used on cheeks and lips, eliminating the need for separate products. The fluid formula ensures that it glides smoothly on the skin to give it a smooth and silky feel.

Brand: Daroge
Color: DG04 color is pink
Made in: China
Model: Lipstick
Size: 12ml

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