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Coach Open Road Set - 3 Pieces

Coach Open Road Set - 3 Pieces
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Coach Open Road Set - 3 Pieces
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This Coach Open Road 3-Piece Set makes a delightful gift or self-care package for anyone who enjoys the invigorating, invigorating scent of Coach Open Road Eau de Toilette.

Coach Open Road Eau de Toilette:
The centerpiece of the collection, this fragrance has a fresh and lively scent inspired by friendship, adventure and a sense of endless possibilities. Key notes include:
Top notes: juicy red apple, sparkling lemon, hot Sichuan pepper
Heart Notes: Vibrant lavender, sage
Base notes: vetiver, cedar, patchouli.

Shower Gel:
It complements the eau de toilette and helps prolong the scent throughout the day.

Travel spray:
A convenient sized version of the Eau de Toilette, perfect for on-the-go freshening.

The collection usually comes in a distinctive Coach gift box, which adds a touch of luxury and makes it ideal for gifting.

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