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Alteco Super Glue 3g

Alteco Super Glue 3g
Alteco Super Glue 3g
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Alteco Super Glue 3g
Alteco Super Glue 3g
Alteco Super Glue 3g
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Super Glue is one of the finest and best types of glue and adhesives that you can use, because it is suitable for various surfaces, plastic and metal materials, wood, rubber, papers, and leather. It is also transparent in color and dries quickly.

Benefits and features:
Glue does not cause any harm to the surface on which it is placed. It does not cause corrosion on surfaces, regardless of their type.
Suitable for various surfaces, plastics, metals, woods, rubber, papers and leather
The smell of the glue is not strong or unpleasant and it dissolves very quickly.
The glue package comes with a small metal pin intended for opening the package.
Fast drying, it dries in a few minutes.
*Small, portable and easy to store in a tool box or drawer.

Follow the instructions on the product.
For external use only.
Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.
keep away from the reach of the children.

Made in: Indonesia
Model: Super Glue
Size: 3 gm

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