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Vittoria Brazilian Hair Protein from Mirabella - 150 ml

Vittoria Brazilian Hair Protein from Mirabella  - 150 ml
Vittoria Brazilian Hair Protein from Mirabella - 150 ml
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Benefits and features:

A high-quality Brazilian hair treatment and conditioner
It permanently removes frizz and split ends, adds softness and elasticity to the hair, and increases its luster and shine
Rejuvenates the inner layer of hair, nourishes and moisturizes it
Extracted from the Brazilian maracuja fruit and contains argan oil and proteins that help treat and moisturize hair
Safe for pregnant women and children over five years old
Brazilian Vittoria Protein contains maracuja fruit extract
It is its benefits.
Rich source of minerals, such as iron, copper, magnesium and phosphorus
For hair treatment and moisturizing
It also soothes and controls dry and damaged hair
Also the maracuja fruit
It contains phenolic acids and flavonoids, as it is a reservoir full of vitamins A and C
and potassium.
It also prevents hair loss and promotes scalp health

Advantages of argan oil
Due to the health benefits of argan oil for hair, it is often called liquid gold by beauty experts. It is:

It gives new life to dry, tangled hair

Softens hair in a natural way

Effectively stops frizz and roughness of hair

It penetrates the pores of the hair and enhances its elasticity

Very useful for hair growth. The natural antioxidants present in argan oil work to strengthen hair by repairing the cell membrane of damaged hair.

Made in: Brazil
Model: Hair protein
Size: 150ml

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