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Malakat Alzahr Moroccan Bath Loofah

Malakat Alzahr Moroccan Bath Loofah
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Malakat Alzahr Moroccan Bath Loofah
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Loofah The Moroccan bath loofah is a loofah that is usually used in the cleaning and exfoliation process during your shower. It also helps in removing dead cells and impurities from the skin.

Benefits and features:
It is used to remove dead cells from the skin and skin tags.
It is used to lighten skin tone and smooth the body.
It stimulates blood circulation and lightens pores.
It helps get rid of the smallest hairs that you cannot get rid of easily during hair removal.
Getting rid of all dead and dry cells in the skin.

How to use:
Wash your body with warm water.
Put a little soap or lotion on the loofah.
Gently massage your body with a loofah.
Rinse your body with cold water.

Avoid using the loofah with excessive force, especially on sensitive skin.
After use, the loofah should be rinsed and dried well.

Color: black
Made in: China
Model: Body loofah

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