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Kunooz H Package Body Care Licorice and Aker Fassi - 4 pieces

Kunooz H Package Body Care Licorice Scrub Cream & Oil & Soap & Petroleum Jelly with Aker Fassi

1- Kunooz H Scrub Cream With Licorice - 250 gm.

Licorice effectively treats skin problems and helps lighten skin color and give it freshness and luster. It cleans the skin from dirt and bacteria that cause pimples and helps reduce facial dryness. Kunooz licorice scrub is an ideal product to improve skin texture.

2- Kunooz H Pure Glycerin Oil with Licorice for Skin & Hair Care - 200 ml

Kunooz H Licorice Glycerin Oil for skin care helps moisturize the body and gives it moisture and appropriate softness, suitable for children and moisturizes the body without leaving a trace or smell, Kunooz H Licorice Glycerin Oil is suitable for sensitive skin, normal skin and dry skin.

3- Kunooz H Licorice Soap - 500 gm.

Licorice soap with its unique formula works as a natural anti-fungal that causes acne and increases the skin's ability to fight acne. The licorice extract used in this product, which is rich in azelaic acid, helps remove dead skin and increase skin vitality.

4- Kunooz H Petroleum Jelly with Glycerin & Aker Fassi Skin Blushful - 500 ml

Kunooz H Petroleum Jelly for the skin with glycerin extract and Aker Fassi to supply the skin. It moisturizes the skin and forms a protective layer to protect it from external factors. It also helps to increase skin moisture, which makes it supple and makes it look healthier.

It contains glycerine and Aker Fassi, which imparts a beautiful natural pink color to the cheeks and lips. It also works to give the skin freshness, natural radiance, and a smooth texture, in addition to giving it an attractive pink color.

Basic Ingredients: Licorice & Aker Fassi
Brand: Kunooz H
Model: Skin care set

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