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Cream / Gel
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Cream / Gel

Revuele Slim & Detox Belly Waist Correction Gel - 200 ml
-37 %
This Rivoli Waist and Tummy Correcting Gel is an active caffeine-based complex that improves the elasticity of the skin to make the problem area tighter, thinner and lifted. This tummy tuck corrector gel promotes the rapid breakdown of subcutaneous fat, has a tonic effect on the blood vessels and st..
S.R 21.85 S.R 34.50
Ex Tax: S.R 19.00
Revuele Body Therapy Slim & Detox for Chin, Neck & Hands cream - 150 ml
-37 %
Revuele  Cream for sculpting the chin, neck and chest area is a cream developed to care for the shape of the body. Rich in caffeine and active compounds, this cream is a great addition to your daily body care routine if you are looking for faster and more effective results. All formulations are enri..
S.R 21.72 S.R 34.50
Ex Tax: S.R 18.89
Malibu Ice Cold Gel After Sun Moisturizing - 100 ml
-41 %
Malibu Moisturizing Gel cools and calms the areas exposed to sunstroke on the body to prevent dryness and peeling of the skin. The installation gel from Malibu is suitable for all skin types, as it is gentle and soft on the skin to give you a feeling of comfort and freshness...
S.R 10.15 S.R 17.25
Ex Tax: S.R 8.82
Jayjun Intensive Brightening Sleeping Pack Mask 4 ml x 30 pcs
-33 %
Gel bags from Jayjun work to care for your skin and maintain its freshness and radiance while you sleep, as this product lightens and fights the wrinkles of your skin thanks to the nourishing ingredients it contains. An easy-to-use face gel that prevents the skin from losing water and keeps it hy..
S.R 43.44 S.R 65.17
Ex Tax: S.R 37.78
St. Ives body lotion with argan oil and rose water - 100 ml
-41 %
St. Ives body lotion softening rose and argan oil. Made with 100% natural moisturizers, blended with rose extract and argan oil, this non-greasy lotion absorbs instantly to leave skin silky smooth. The dermatologist tested formula provides 100% of the daily hydration your skin needs to glow. For the..
S.R 8.04 S.R 13.66
Ex Tax: S.R 6.99
Some By Mi Truecica Mineral Calming Tone-Up Suncream - 50 ml
-18 %
Some By Mi Mineral Sunscreen is rich in the botanical Trusica complex that calms irritated skin and reinforces its natural protective barrier, while providing superior SPF50 sun protection, it soothes the skin and improves its natural radiance. Some by Mi Sunscreen is very suitable for all skin t..
S.R 52.51 S.R 63.76
Ex Tax: S.R 45.66
Lancaster Sunscreen Kit - 3 Products
-40 %
This Lancaster set contains: Sun Beauty Velvet Cream SPF 30 (50 ml): It provides broad spectrum sun protection for the face, while hydrating the skin and helping to achieve a perfect tan. Sun Beauty Velvet Milk SPF 30 (50 ml): It provides broad spectrum sun protection for the body, while hyd..
S.R 103.50 S.R 172.50
Ex Tax: S.R 90.00
Derma Lightening Cream Paraben Free - 30 gm
-47 %
Derma Lightening Body and Face Cream Derived from natural lightening ingredients, this cream removes dark spots, dark spots, and pigmentation marks, to reveal a clear complexion. Derma face and body whitening cream contains a non-toxic formula that has been tested to be skin friendly. Free from para..
S.R 196.71 S.R 373.00
Ex Tax: S.R 171.05
Taha Natural African Shea Butter - 226 gm
-33 %
Shea butter is extracted from the nuts of the African shea tree, which was also called the karite tree in French, meaning the tree of life; Because it contains exceptional healing properties, and its color is ivory yellow, and because it is considered the most moisturizing substance for hair and ski..
S.R 28.44 S.R 42.67
Ex Tax: S.R 24.73
Alaffia Baobab Baby Face & Body Cream Chamomile - 236 ml
-33 %
Baobab Baby Face and Body Cream is formulated with Shea Butter, Baobab Oil and Pineapple to moisturize and soften the skin. The lightweight cream contains a gentle blend of nourishing botanicals so your baby's skin stays hydrated and balanced. Alavia face and body cream is suitable for all skin type..
S.R 53.67 S.R 80.50
Ex Tax: S.R 46.67
Derma Firm Eye Cream to Reduce Puffiness Under the Eyes - 15 gm
-42 %
Derma cream helps reduce puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, as it tightens the skin around the sensitive eye area. Derma lightening cream contains Acetyl Peptide-5, which helps moisturize the skin and increases collagen proteins, thus reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Be..
S.R 242.11 S.R 418.18
Ex Tax: S.R 210.53
Derma Photoblock sunscreen gel for oily & Acne-Prone skin - 75 gm
-56 %
Keep your skin healthy and protected with Photoblock Gel. A sunscreen specifically designed for oily and acne-prone skin, providing you protection without clogging your pores. The gel base gives a matte effect with no sticky residue. Photoblock Gel is used for oily and acne-prone skin. Benefits a..
S.R 78.68 S.R 177.98
Ex Tax: S.R 68.42
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