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Roses Natural Care Bouquet with Bulgarian Rose (7 pices)

Roses Natural Care Bouquet with Bulgarian Rose (7 pices)
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Roses Natural Care Bouquet with Bulgarian Rose (7 pices)
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1-Roses Natural Organic Rose Water is gentle, cleansing, moisturizing and unifying for all hair and skin types, 250 ml

Organic rose water obtained by steam distillation from Bulgarian oil bearing roses.
  It is widely used in face and hair care.
  Rose water has emollient and toning properties, gently cleanses and deeply moisturizes the skin.
  It also has anti-inflammatory and stimulant effects.
Rose water has a beneficial effect on hair and stimulates its growth.
  It gives it luster and strength.
  Suitable for all skin types and any hair type.

Hair mask for all hair types, using natural ingredients and an irresistible rose scent. Contains natural rose water. Its vital effect provides deep nourishment to your hair; Makes your hair thick and strong, gives it volume and shine. Use it to give your hair the necessary flexibility and prevent split ends. For strong, healthy, and beautiful hair with a silky shine and a touch without weight.


2- Roses revitalizing hair mask for any type of hair with rose elixir 500 ml


3- Roses Energizing Shampoo for Strong & Healthy Hair With Rose Water 250 ml.

Shampoo for strong and vibrant hair is a high quality nourishing shampoo enriched with natural rose water. The innovative formula deeply penetrates and cleanses the scalp of existing impurities, bacteria and excess sebum, while revitalizing hair and increasing its elasticity. Active ingredients have a very beneficial effect, have moisturizing effect and emollient properties. The delicate texture of the shampoo is easy to apply and fun to use. After use, hair restores and nourishes with velvety softness and irresistible shine.


4- Roses Natural Rose Water is gentle, cleansing and unifying for all skin types 250 ml .

A gentle, moisturizing cleanser and a unifying product for all skin and hair types.
Obtained by distillation of Bulgarian rose flowers bearing damask oil.
  With a wonderful refreshing scent that maintains focus, self-confidence and efficiency.
Gives hair exceptional shine and fast growth.


5- Roses Moisturizing Hand Cream With Rose Water 75 ml .

Moisturizing Hand Cream is a high quality moisturizing hand cream with rose water, which provides gentle hydration to the skin care and gives it softness, comfort and freshness. The innovative formula contains valuable natural ingredients that penetrate deep into hydrating cells, protecting skin from dryness and chapping and maintaining an optimal level of moisture. At the same time, the vitamin A + E complex improves elasticity, makes the complexion smoother and strengthens the nails, preventing them from cracking. The creamy texture is easy to apply and fun to use. After use, hands are moisturized, protected, and looking and feeling relaxed.


6- Roses Facial Wash Gel Naturehydra With Rose Water For Sensitive Skin 150 ml .

Micellar gel combines three actions - removes make-up, cleanses and moisturizes the face. Designed to meet the needs of sensitive skin, its formula is gentle on the eyes. Effectively cleans the face from dirt and make-up, including water. The rose water used has a soothing, rejuvenating, anti-bacterial and moisturizing effect.


7- Roses Micellar Hydra Plus Cleansing Water for sensitive skin with natural rose water and marigold oil 400 ml .

Removes make-up, cleanses and moisturizes the face

Its formula is designed to meet the needs of sensitive skin

Suitable for cleaning the face, eyes and lips

The formula is enriched with amaranth oil, which has powerful moisturizing and regenerating properties

The added rose water has a soothing, regenerating, antibacterial and moisturizing effect .


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