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theBalm Meet Matte Hughes Mini Set - 6 Pcs

theBalm Meet Matte Hughes Mini Set - 6 Pcs
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theBalm Meet Matte Hughes Mini Set - 6 Pcs
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Meet Matte Hughes Lipstick stays on your lips for an extended period. Buy theBalm meet matte lipstick on Spruce up your appearance with theBalm Meet Matte Hughes Lipsticks. This mini set offers you a choice to pick your favorite lipstick shade depending on the occasion. These six lipsticks boast glamorous, bold, and, cute shades for a range of occasions. This intensely-pigmented lipstick highlights your beautiful lips while giving you a youthful appearance. All the more, they don’t feel clingy and stay on your lips for hours at a stretch. This compact set can be easily stowed in a purse or backpack so you can carry it with you when you are on trips or weekend getaways. KEY FEATURES long-lasting matte finish fast dry smooth .

Brand: The Palm
Contents: 7.2ml lipstick set
Made in: U.S.A
Model: lip stick
Texture: Blam

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