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Skin \ Body Care
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Skin \ Body Care

Vaseline Fresh & Youthful Brightening Gel 180 ml
-29 %
The Lightest Gel Ever*** for more hydrated, radiant and youthful skin Formulated with 100% pure ginseng essence*, rich in phytonutrients to nourish and rejuvenate skin 10x anti-aging ingredients Comes in gel format with a light & non-greasy sensorial, instant absorption** Contains micro-..
S.R 15.09 S.R 21.37
Ex Tax: S.R 13.12
Avène Fluid SPF50+ 50ml
-52 %
Avène Fluid SPF50+ 50ml is a fluid of very high protection UVB/UVA and anti-blue light HEV (High Visible Energy), whose penetration is done in 3 seconds, it is ultra light, for sensitive skin normal to mixed. Its finish is invisible and water resistant. Developed to minimize the risk of allergic ..
S.R 63.25 S.R 131.29
Ex Tax: S.R 55.00
Petal Fresh Argan Oil & Shea Body Scrub 473 ml
-40 %
Relax with aromatherapy with essential oils while nourishing the skin with the minerals of the sea. A luxurious blend of organic arnica, sage and chamomile with Argan Oil, Shea Butter, Jojoba and Vitamin E to leave skin soft, hydrated and glowing. Lavender essential oil reduces feelings of stress an..
S.R 34.50 S.R 57.50
Ex Tax: S.R 30.00
Maximum satisfaction when used in small quantities on a regular basis It restores natural beauty and smoothness of the skin. Balances the skin's basic moisture Made without preservatives or fragrances Compatible with all skin types. Men, women and children...
S.R 10.82
Ex Tax: S.R 9.41
Cantu Coconut Oil Hydrating Body Lotion 473 ml
-29 %
Cantu Skin Therapy Hydrating Body Lotion, with natural Coconut Oil, is a moisture rich formulation to help relieve dry skin and restore your natural glow. This fast absorbing lotion is ideal for daily use and lasts all day. Dermatologist approved   Hydrating body lotion with Coconut Oil Enr..
S.R 38.33 S.R 54.30
Ex Tax: S.R 33.33
Care Line Charcoal Deep Cleansing Nose Strips 6 Strips
-29 %
A natural purifying agent that captures dirt, grease, and other impurities caused by pollution while helping to unclog pores...
S.R 4.51 S.R 6.38
Ex Tax: S.R 3.92
Care Line Natural Deep Cleansing Nose Strips 6 Strips
-29 %
Nothing beats nose strips when it comes to deep cleansing and removing stubborn blackheads. These strong and highly effective strips are not designed for daily use, but for the ultimate depletion of bacteria and skin impurities plus post anti-bacterial treatment over the course of 3 applications ..
S.R 4.51 S.R 6.38
Ex Tax: S.R 3.92
Care Line Tea Tree Oil Deep Cleansing Nose Strips 6 Strips
-29 %
Beauty Formulas tea tree oil. It is has natural anti-inflammatory properties believed to have a number of beneficial effects and agents. Our CareLine deep cleansing nose strips with tea tree oil are a simple instant cleansing treatment designed to unclog pores and clear unwanted blackheads. Th..
S.R 4.52 S.R 6.40
Ex Tax: S.R 3.93
Care Line Cucumber & Mint Deep Cleansing Nose Strips 6 Strips
-29 %
Rich in menthol and anti-bacterial properties, mint is a precious gift of mother nature which is bestowed upon us. Being a herb loaded with innumerable beauty benefits, mint is used in various cleanser, toner, astringent and moisturizer. This mint nose pack cleanses and tightens your pores completel..
S.R 4.51 S.R 6.38
Ex Tax: S.R 3.92
Care Line Rose Deep Cleansing Nose Strips 6 Strips
-29 %
We already instinctively entwine roses with nations of beauty and love. It seems only fitting then that roses actually do offer beauty-enhancing benefits. This iconic flower specifically does beauty wonders on the skin. Discover how this lush blossom can make your skin feel as velvety soft as a b..
S.R 4.53 S.R 6.42
Ex Tax: S.R 3.94
This lotion contains a group of effective active herbs specially selected to tighten and enlarge the buttocks and effectively increase the elasticity of the skin, protect it from looseness, nourish and moisturize the skin to make the skin healthy and tighter, and with regular use, the skin in the bu..
S.R 21.31
Ex Tax: S.R 18.53
Royal Kimi Lilac & Milk Protein Beauty Cream Bar - 175 gm
-58 %
Royal Kimi Soap is specially formulated to cleanse and nourish the skin naturally, helping your skin to maintain its natural moisture while cleansing. Leaves the skin smoother, fresher and more radiant. The perfect addition to your daily skin cleansing routine...
S.R 2.50 S.R 6.00
Ex Tax: S.R 2.17
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