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Vaseline Healthy Bright Daily Protection Brightening Serum SPF 30 PA++ Help protect skin from sun rays and pollution with the high quality Vaseline Healthy Bright Daily Protection and Brightening Serum that protects the skin from UVA and UVB rays. Ultraviolet B with SPF 30. PA++ with Triple Vitamins..
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Vaseline Calm Healing Body Lotion is formulated with lavender extracts and an exclusive healing gel. This moisturizing cream helps keep your skin looking healthy and fresh. Vaseline Daily Deep Moisturizing Body Lotion for dry skin goes beyond basic hydration. It works to heal dry skin in the depths...
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This formula pampers and soothes the skin as it improves the elasticity of the skin. Vitamin C protects the skin because it is especially moisturizing. This formula contains no fat and is therefore ideal as a moisturizer and soothing all over the body. Daily use will feel the difference. Benefits..
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Vitamin E provides excellent protection against skin damage and is ideal for use on dry skin. This nourishing formula benefits all skin types. Daily use will make you feel the difference. Benefits and Features: It works to give the skin freshness and hydration, and helps to soften the skin,..
S.R 38.87
Ex Tax: S.R 33.80
Formulated with natural cocoa butter extracts, this non-greasy lotion helps moisturize and soften dry, rough skin. Daily use of this lotion will protect your skin and leave it soft, and because this non-greasy formula is ideal for use on the whole body. Benefits and Features: Moisturizing t..
S.R 38.87
Ex Tax: S.R 33.80
Natural Shea Butter is extracted from the seeds and nuts of the Shea tree, and is known for its healing properties especially with dry and rough skin. Ideal for moisturizing the skin and reducing the effects of aging. Benefits and Features: Shea Butter Lotion helps reduce the signs of aging..
S.R 38.87
Ex Tax: S.R 33.80
Cantu Body Therapy Lotion provides long-lasting hydration that you can see and feel. Developed with natural moisturizing ingredients, these daily moisturizers are clinically proven to provide all-day hydration, and help relieve skin dryness to bring out your skin's natural radiance. Cantu Body Lotio..
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Love Jojo Whitening Body Lotion with Milk Extract to Lighten and Moisturize the Skin - 500 ml
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This whitening body lotion from Love Jojo is filled with fast absorbing bioactive milk protein extract and coenzyme Q10, a natural skin tonic. Milk protein extract improves and brightens your skin tone, helps protect against skin aging, provides energy, and protects skin cells from damage caused by ..
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This Lancaster sunscreen kit contains: 1- Sunsport Invisible Face Mist SPF30 (100 ml): Lancaster Sun Sport Invisible Face Mist Spray Sunscreen has been specifically created to protect your skin from UVA, UVB, infrared and visible light. The spray is non-alcoholic and dries quickly, very easy t..
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This Lancaster sunscreen kit contains: 1- Sun Beauty Velvet Milk SPF30 (50 ml): It provides broad spectrum sun protection for the body, while hydrating the skin and aiding in a perfect tan. 2- Golden Tan Maximizer After Sun Lotion (50 ml): Golden Tan Maximizer Lotion extends tanning for up t..
S.R 147.86
Ex Tax: S.R 128.57
This Lancaster sunscreen kit contains: 1- Sun Beauty Satin Dry Oil SPF50 (50 ml): This Lancaster product combines the fun of tanning with the superior sun care. The formula in it offers the benefits of an oil without leaving a greasy feeling, it increases the intensity of the tan and provides ad..
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Ex Tax: S.R 157.14
Enchanteur Perfumed Body Lotion with Aloe Vera and Olive Butter Formulated with non-greasy materials and specially enriched with Aloe Vera and Olive Butter to give your skin optimum hydration and nourishment, Enchanteur body lotion contains a lively rose fragrance...
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