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Skin \ Body Care
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Skin \ Body Care

Mandy Care Shower Gel with Sidr Extract - 500 ml
-47 %
Mandy Care Shower Gel with Sidr extract for vibrant skin, suitable for all skin types. Mandi Care shower gel is rich in natural Sidr extract, which preserves the integrity and health of the skin and gives it vitality and luster. The shower gel with Sidr extract from Mandy Care works to lighten the d..
S.R 13.53 S.R 25.56
Ex Tax: S.R 11.76
Mandy care Fluid Extract Licorice Root - 50 ml
-39 %
Mandy Care Moisturizing Oil with licorice extract is effective in eliminating black spots in the body, it also softens the skin and rationally regulates the process of melanin production. Mandy care Licorice Oil contains antioxidants and whitening substances that contribute to lightening and whiteni..
S.R 31.95 S.R 52.27
Ex Tax: S.R 27.78
Lifebuoy Total 10 Soap - 110 gm
-41 %
Lifebuoy Total 10 bar soap provides complete germ protection for you and your family. In combination with Active5, this Lifebuoy bar soap protects your entire family from various bacteria and diseases. The advanced formula builds a protective wall on your skin, removing skin impurities and protectin..
S.R 2.11 S.R 3.59
Ex Tax: S.R 1.84
Vaseline Lip Therapy Original - 7 gm
-27 %
Vaseline Lip Therapy Original, with a non-sticky, non-greasy formula that melts on the lips, giving them special care and hydration in a small package. Made with Vaseline Jelly, it helps heal lips and prevent dryness by locking in moisture. Vaseline Lip Therapy Original provides long-lasting moistur..
S.R 5.95 S.R 8.15
Ex Tax: S.R 5.17
Laser White Eye Serum Eye Rejuvenating System - 30 gm
-33 %
The special, gentle formula of Laser White stimulates the appearance of eyes naturally for younger-looking skin. A concentration of accelerated growth factor technology as it stimulates collagen production to help tighten skin and make it smoother. It also lightens dark circles under the eyes and re..
S.R 31.94 S.R 47.92
Ex Tax: S.R 27.78
Purederm Micellar Cleansing Water - 250 ml
-35 %
Purederm Micellar Water is a facial cleanser that gently and effectively removes makeup, dirt, oil and impurities including waterproof and long-wearing makeup without irritation. And there is no need to wash separately after cleansing with a mild prescription on the skin. Purederm Micellar Water con..
S.R 19.95 S.R 30.74
Ex Tax: S.R 17.35
Clear Men 3 in 1 Shampoo, Body & Face Wash with Activated Charcoal - 900 ml
-48 %
Made specifically for men, CLEAR Men Complete Care 3in1 Shampoo is your all-in-one solution to head-to-toe freshness. Infused with activated charcoal, it's tough on dandruff yet gentle on your skin. Clear Complete Care shampoo deeply cleanses pores leaving your scalp feeling refreshed and healthy, a..
S.R 27.74 S.R 53.22
Ex Tax: S.R 24.12
Purederm Pure Hyaluronic Acid Facial Serum - 60 ml
-33 %
Purederm Pure Hyaluronic Acid Face Serum provides superior hydration to dry skin and makes your skin more hydrated and smoother. This pure hyaluronic acid face serum penetrates the skin barrier and creates moisture from the inside out. Hyaluronic acid moisturizes your skin without clogging pores, wh..
S.R 34.78 S.R 52.17
Ex Tax: S.R 30.24
Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser - 473 ml
-47 %
Cetaphil Sensitive Combination & Oily Skin Cleansing Gel is a low-foaming gel specially developed to deeply cleanse and minimize the appearance of pores without stripping skin of its natural moisture. Cetaphil Skin Cleansing Lotion contains a blend powered by dermatologist recommended extracts inclu..
S.R 60.53 S.R 115.00
Ex Tax: S.R 52.63
Amalfi Skin Care Body Oil Argan - 200 ml
-35 %
Argan oil from Amalfi has many benefits for the skin because it contains a mixture of vitamins that promote skin health, such as vitamin E, in addition to fatty acids, such as oleic acid and linoleic acid, which have benefits in nourishing and moisturizing the skin. It also contains phenols that act..
S.R 11.16 S.R 17.25
Ex Tax: S.R 9.71
Alattar Facial Wash With Moroccan Desert Nilla - 125 ml
-44 %
Alattar Face Wash with Moroccan Desert Nile to lighten and unify the skin color. It is characterized by very beneficial and nourishing properties for the skin, as it helps to lighten the skin, unify the color of the body, and get rid of sun damage, melasma and blackheads. The face wash with the Moro..
S.R 8.40 S.R 14.92
Ex Tax: S.R 7.30
Alattar Glycerin Body Lotion To Whitening & Moisturising The Skin - 300 Ml
-44 %
Al Attar glycerin lotion to moisturize and whiten the skin works to soften the skin, lighten skin pigmentation and close the pores. It also maintains the skin's pH and locks in moisture inside the skin. It also contributes to unifying and exfoliating the skin tone, in addition to protecting the skin..
S.R 11.39 S.R 20.24
Ex Tax: S.R 9.90
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