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Rexona Active Bright Roll-On Deodorant for Men - 45 ml

Rexona Active Bright Roll-On Deodorant for Men - 45 ml
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Rexona Active Bright Roll-On Deodorant for Men - 45 ml
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Rexona Active Bright Roll-On Deodorant is specially designed for active men and provides strong protection against the odor of sweat and gives you confidence all day long.

Provides powerful protection against sweat odor and helps keep you fresh all day long.
It contains an antiperspirant formula that absorbs moisture and reduces the secretion of sweat.
It has a refreshing scent and is suitable for daily use and during sports activities.
Easy to use and apply to the underarms precisely without leaving any residue.
Portable size that makes it easy to carry with you on the go and during travel.

How to use :
Make sure your underarms are clean and dry before applying the remover.
Gently shake the container to ensure that the formula is evenly distributed.
Open the cap and gently pass the roller under the armpits, being careful not to apply excessive pressure.
Wait a few seconds to allow the remover to dry completely on the skin.
Avoid sweating or exposing your armpits to water immediately after applying the remover to ensure better effectiveness.

For external use only
Avoid direct contact of the remover with the eyes. If contact occurs, flush eyes well with water.
Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.
Stop using the remover if irritation or sensitivity appears on the skin.

Brand: Rexona
Deodorant Type: Roll on
Made in: Indonesia
Model: Deodorant
Size: 45 ml

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