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RDA Vitamin C Whitening Brightening Facial Skin Care Set - 5 Pcs

RDA Vitamin C Whitening Brightening Facial Skin Care Set - 5 Pcs
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RDA Vitamin C Whitening Brightening Facial Skin Care Set - 5 Pcs
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This set contains:

1- Whitening face wash with Vitamin C:
This product is enriched with refreshing Vitamin C whitening essence and provides soft and dense foam that effectively cleanses deep pores, absorbs sebum, dirt and makeup residue, repairs damaged skin, reduces wrinkles, promotes antioxidant formation and protects the skin, leaving it radiant, hydrated and comfortable.

2- Vitamin C toner for whitening and brightening:

This waterproof and sweat-resistant product is enriched with many moisturizing agents to gently regulate skin moisture and oil, effectively replenish nutrients, improve dryness, soften rough skin, reduce pores, reduce acne scars, soothe and repair the skin, leaving it soft, fresh and elastic. It can be used for wet skin.

3- Whitening facial serum with Vitamin C:
The new effective, highly concentrated formula effectively improves skin collagen formation, whitens and moisturizes the skin, fades spots, removes acne, minimizes pores, smoothes fine lines, improves rough skin, repairs damaged skin, and restores its softness and radiance.

4- Vitamin C whitening cream:
This cream is rich in whitening ingredients and enriched with multiple plant extracts to refresh the skin without leaving an oily trace. It deeply moisturizes it, strengthens and repairs damaged skin, lightens it mildly, and repairs wrinkles, spots and acne scars in a safe and effective way. It prevents skin pigmentation and reduces pores, leaving the skin radiant and elastic. And moist for a long time.

5- Sunscreen cream with vitamin C:
New super anti-sun, waterproof and sweat-proof formula, with smooth texture and easy to spread Professionally suitable for different scenarios such as sun, beach, high temperature and wind, effectively protects the skin from UVA/UVB damage. Regulates moisture and oil balance, moisturizes and quenches the skin and replenishes melanin. It resists oxidation, aging and pollution.

Basic Ingredients: Vitamin C
Brand: RDA
Contents: 5 Pcs
Skin Type: All skin types (except dry skin).

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