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Paper Mints Cool Caps Mouth Refresh 18 Caps

Paper Mints Cool Caps Mouth Refresh 18 Caps

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Paper Mints Cool Caps Mouth Refresh 18 Caps
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The Cool Caps Pearls Are The Answer Of PaperMints® And Sanico To Those Who Want To Get Rid Of This Annoying Problem Without Limitations Or Waivers. Specifically, These Are Small Capsules With A Strong Mint, Which Refresh The Breath In An Immediate And Lasting Way, Suitable For All People, As

They Lack Sugar.

Compared To Common Mints, Which Guarantee Only A Momentary Effectiveness, The Innovative And Unique Technology Of PaperMints® Cool Caps Allows Them To Act Twice Against Halitosis: First The Outer Capsule Of The Pearl Melts On The Tongue, With An Effect Immediate, While The Inner One Goes

Into The Stomach Thus Giving A Long Lasting Freshness.


1- Kill germs in hard-to-reach places.

2- Freshens your breath.

3- Relieves food stuck between the teeth.

4- It works in the fight against cavities.

Brand: Paper Mints
Contents: 18 Tablets
Made in: Japan
Model: Mouth Freshener Balls
Scent: Mint
Size: 1,152 gm

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