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Kaqiya waterproof eyeliner

Kaqiya waterproof eyeliner
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Kaqiya waterproof eyeliner
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Waterproof eyeliner is a type of cosmetic product specifically designed to stay put and smudge-proof on the eyes even if exposed to water or humidity.

Benefits and features:

Long Wear: This waterproof eyeliner is ideal for people who need to wear permanent makeup all day long. It stays put for a long time without fading or causing black lines under the eyes.

WATER RESISTANT: The waterproof eyeliner is ideal for sports, swimming, outdoor activities, and even if the eyes get wet or teary. It maintains the eye look without fading or feathering.

Ease of application: This waterproof eyeliner features a special formula that makes it easy to apply to the eye without causing any smudges or caking. It glides smoothly over the eye lines and enables the creation of different effects such as thin lines or thick lines.

EASY REMOVAL: Despite being waterproof, this waterproof eyeliner can be easily removed with eye makeup remover. It does not require much effort to remove and does not irritate the eyes.

Brand: Kakia
Made in: China
Model: Waterproof eyeliner

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