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Inno Lube Water-Based Lubricant Gel - 50 ml

Inno Lube Water-Based Lubricant Gel - 50 ml
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Inno Lube Water-Based Lubricant Gel - 50 ml
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Inno Lube Gel Water-Based Lubricant - 50 ml is a water-based lubricant product designed to safely and effectively enhance the intimate experience.


Benefits and features:

  • It enhances flow and makes movement smoother during intimate experiences.
  • Water-based formula helps improve glide and makes the experience more comfortable.
  • It provides a fast flow for an intimate and enjoyable experience.
  • An exciting fragrance and safe to use with condoms
  • The design facilitates the application process and a smooth transition to the intimate experience.


How to use:
Apply a small amount of gel to the desired area.
Apply the gel gently and massage it to distribute it well.


keep away from the reach of the children.
Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.
Please stop using the product if irritation or allergy occurs.

Brand: InnoLube
Made in: China
Model: Lubricant
Size: 50 ml

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