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Garnier Hair Styling Cream Rizos Elastikos 300ml

Garnier Hair Styling Cream Rizos Elastikos 300ml
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Garnier Hair Styling Cream Rizos Elastikos 300ml
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If your hair is dull, dry and lifeless, Garnier's range of hair care gives your hair a dose of vitamins and fortified fruits! Hair is nourished, shiny and soft thanks to the botanical formula that combines Vitamin B3, B6 and E and guarana extract.

Benefits and Features:

  • For extremely dry or frizzy hair.
  • Nourishing avocado oil blended with softening shea butter.
  • Deeply nourishes hair and protects it from heat.
  • Easy styling.
  • For frizz-free, shiny and soft hair.
  • It removes any tangles and makes hair manageable.
  • This product helps to nourish the hair intensely and give your hair moisture.
  • Garnier cares for your hair and gives it volume without causing it to fall out.

How to use:
Daily when styling on wet or dry hair. Shake the bottle upside down and press it down. Spread the cream on your hair and leave it on. Straighten your hair.

Brand: Garnier
Made in: Maxico
Model: Hair Cream
Size: 300 ml

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