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Dorco 3-blade razor, 3+1 pc

Dorco 3-blade razor, 3+1 pc
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Dorco 3-blade razor, 3+1 pc
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Dorco 3 Blade is a 3 blade men's razor that provides a smooth, close shave. It has triple layered blades with a lubricating strip to provide smooth glide and prevent irritation. It also has a comfortable handle for easy control.

  Benefits and features:

  • 3 multi-layered blades for a close, clean shave.
  • Lubrication strip to provide smooth glide.
  • Ergonomic handle for easy control.

How to use :
Make sure to moisturize your face well using lukewarm water.
Apply shaving cream or gel to the face.
Gently move in the direction of hair growth while using the razor.
Avoid stirring vigorously or excessively to avoid irritation.
After you finish shaving, rinse your face with cold water to remove any residue.

keep away from the reach of the children.
For external use only.

Brand: Dorco
Contents: Four shaving machines
Made in: Vietnam

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