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Donkey milk products

Love Jojo Whitening Body Lotion with Milk Extract to Lighten and Moisturize the Skin - 500 ml
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This whitening body lotion from Love Jojo is filled with fast absorbing bioactive milk protein extract and coenzyme Q10, a natural skin tonic. Milk protein extract improves and brightens your skin tone, helps protect against skin aging, provides energy, and protects skin cells from damage caused by ..
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Love JoJo Cow's Milk Hand and Foot Cream is an abundantly moisturizing cream formula that provides relief from dry, damaged skin. Love JoJo Cream contains Vitamin E, a well-known natural antioxidant that protects cells and supports the skin's natural healing ability. Frequent use makes the skin soft..
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Description Yoko Lotion is one of Yoko's products, which is interested in making creams that care and whiten the skin, its freshness and beauty. Yoko Lotion works on whitening the skin and the body and its softness, and unifying the color of the body, as it gives the body recovery and smoothness to..
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AlAttar Donkey Balm 50 ml
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Description The massage balm is used for supportive care for sore muscles, back tension, joint aches and tired muscles.  Benefits: Himalaya's pain balm is a quick-acting headache and body ache reliever that remedies pain naturally Massage gently on affected area two to three times daily for qu..
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AlAttar Donkey Milk Face Wash 100 ml
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Description Gentle facial wash enriched with unique moisturizing and regenerative properties of donkey milk keep the skin oil balance and moisture complex. Benefits: Its help to reduce skin irritation,  Repair damaged skin tissue  Erases wrinkles and provides anti aging skin care How to us..
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AlAttar Donkey Milk Whitening Cream 75 ml
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Description Donkey milk whitening cream helps in eliminating acne, freckles, and whitens the skin. It gives the skin a smooth, fresh and healthy look. It favors the progressive whitening of the skin together with a homogeneous pigmentation. Benefits: Immediately absorbed and leaves the skin fee..
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AlAttar Donkey Milk Face & Body Scrub 300 gm
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Description Alatar Donkey Milk scrub is one of the best natural ways to moisturize, exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin. It also contains properties that help prevent the skin from drying out, and helps remove damaged and dead skin cells caused by sun exposure and pollution, and helps prevent the app..
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AlAttar Donkey Milk Body Lotion 550 ml
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Description The new improved Alatar body lotion is in town! This Donkey milk body lotion does wonders on the skin. It’s believed to be safe, ideal and beneficial. It contains a blend of nature ingredients. alatar is known for its whitening effect it helps to heal the initiated or scarred skin and s..
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Description Facial Cleansing wash developed for the face care Combo contains excellent moisturizers and milk extract that hydrates and cleans your facial skin effectively. It provides you with deep cleansing and helps to regenerate the skin. Benefits: This facial foam is developed to care for y..
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Description: The original YC milk face wash specially formulated for extra nourishment Where milk helps moisturize the skin and eliminate impurities stuck to the skin It helps in controlling oil completely and gives the skin a natural balance and also moisturizes the skin completely that lasts th..
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