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Dexe Black Hair Shampoo - 200 ml
-44 %
Fast black hair dye shampoo in just 5 minutes makes your hair magically black. Saves cost and time. It lasts up to 5 weeks. This black hair shampoo does not smell bad and does not irritate the scalp. Suitable for men and women with all hair types. Ammonia free hair dye. It contains safe ingred..
S.R 51.50 S.R 92.00
Ex Tax: S.R 44.78
Miss Jessie's Harm Me Knot Shampoo - 250ml
-23 %
This moisturizing shampoo keeps your hair healthy and hydrated while removing build-up. Its formula increases hair moisture and prevents breakage and volatility, making it stronger and healthier. Removes impurities without over-drying hair...
S.R 73.00 S.R 94.50
Ex Tax: S.R 63.48
Miss Jessie's Honey Harm Less Shampoo - 250ml
-23 %
Harlemis shampoo, its effective formula helps to repair and restore the vitality of hair even the most damaged and driest strands. This hydrating shampoo gently removes those pesky tangles and leaves your frizzy hair silkier than ever. Enriched with honey to nourish, repair and protect your hair. ..
S.R 73.00 S.R 94.50
Ex Tax: S.R 63.48
TRESemmé Shampoo Botanique Damage Recovery - 400ml
-41 %
Protect hair from damage, as if you were trying to avoid the sun. Fortunately, our professional quality damage repair shampoo is infused with a luxurious botanical blend known for its strengthening powers that bring out the natural beauty of your hair. This unique hair repair shampoo, infused with m..
S.R 8.50 S.R 14.44
Ex Tax: S.R 7.39
Garnier Shampoo + Conditioner Extreme Nourishing with Mythic Olive 2 * 400 ml
-39 %
Garnier Ultra Doux hair care set provides superior nourishment for deeply dry and damaged hair, with virgin olive oil, to intensely nourish hair without heaviness and repair from root to tip, restoring hair beauty and bringing life back to it. Virgin olive oil. Coming from the fruit of an ancient tr..
S.R 22.50 S.R 37.00
Ex Tax: S.R 19.57
Vatika Almond & Honey Moisture Retaining Shampoo - 400 ml
-43 %
Vatika Almond and Honey Moisturizing Shampoo is a hair shampoo that contains carefully selected natural extracts such as honey and almond, which intensely nourish your hair without harming it, to get strong and renewed hair always. Benefits and features: Honey provides essential moisture to..
S.R 9.10 S.R 16.00
Ex Tax: S.R 7.91
L'Oreal Paris Elvive Dream Long Shampoo Reconstructor - 370 ml
-47 %
L'Oreal Paris Elvive Dream Length Shampoo With Vegetable Keratin 370 ml This amazing shampoo contains a powerful blend of botanical keratin and castor oil that restructures your long hair and helps seal split ends. Elvive Dream Long formula contains botanical keratin that repairs even ends, vi..
S.R 12.28 S.R 23.20
Ex Tax: S.R 10.68
Silium Curly Hair Care Shampoo - 250 ml
-60 %
Silium Curly Hair Care Shampoo to achieve the distinctive wavy hair look. Maintains the elasticity of wavy hair Rich in active ingredients, such as: elastin that adds elasticity and vitality and milk proteins that keep hair moisturized, reduce dryness and add shine and elasticity...
S.R 27.50 S.R 69.00
Ex Tax: S.R 23.91
Silium Shampoo for Colored Hair - 250 ml
-44 %
Silium Shampoo for Colored Hair 250 ml: Maintains the color and shine of dyed hair for a long time. Moisturizes and maintains the natural balance of colored hair. Rich in active ingredients, such as: Fruit vitamins that are effective in fighting free radicals. Macadamia oil, an effective ant..
S.R 24.95 S.R 44.85
Ex Tax: S.R 21.70
Silium Shampoo Anti-Age - 250 ml
-44 %
Silium anti-age hair rejuvenating shampoo contains collagen that adds density and elasticity to hair with vitamins A & E. It also contains anti-aging and antioxidant ingredients. This shampoo from Silium rejuvenates damaged hair and maintains its shine, for healthy and natural hair ric..
S.R 33.22 S.R 59.80
Ex Tax: S.R 28.89
Pantene Pro-V Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo - 200 ml
-32 %
Protect your beautiful ends with Pantene Pro-V Anti-Hair Fall shampoo, developed to strengthen hair and protect it from styling damage. Contains Pantene Pro-V nourishing formula that improves hair's overall structure and condition. Pro-V Anti-Hair Fall shampoo not only gently cleanses your hair,..
S.R 7.50 S.R 11.00
Ex Tax: S.R 6.52
TRESemmé Shampoo Biotin + Repair 400 ml
-41 %
Using TRESemmé Pro-Repair Complex, this shampoo visibly repairs hair damage from chemical, heat and mechanical styling, repairing your hair where it needs it most. TRESemmé shampoo is also formulated with biotin and is the first step to start restoring the beauty of your hair from t..
S.R 8.51 S.R 14.47
Ex Tax: S.R 7.40
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