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The feminine hygiene set for intimate areas contains: 1- Daily wash for intimate areas with aloe vera extract – 250 ml : This daily intimate care pack is the perfect partner for a quick clean in the shower. The specially formulated pH-balanced formula with soothing Aloe Vera keeps the intimate..
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Rexona Antiperspirant for Women is suitable for keeping the skin dry in the long term and effectively counteracts the formation of perspiration and the unpleasant odor associated with it over a period of 48 hours, leaving you with a feeling of freshness. It gives you long lasting freshness. It..
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Bamboo Toothbrush Wooden Bamboo Toothbrush For Adults Oral Care. Hygienic product with soft bristles to protect gums from bleeding or scratching allows you to brush your teeth comfortably, cleaning every tooth and every corner of the mouth...
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Description Armaf Enchanted a fairytale experience and be enchanted by the super and high notes of a new range of perfume body sprays. Benefits: You smell exceptional and make you feel confident. Feeling refreshed. Hides body odor instead of stopping it. A natural fragrance that leaves the s..
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Labello Gloss Pomegranate Lip Balm - 4.8 gm
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Pamper your lips with the delicious scent of pomegranate and a subtle dark red sheen. A unique formula enriched with shimmering pigments and natural oils that instantly melts into your lips and keeps them hydrated for 24 hours. Labello Lip Care Balm glides on evenly and easily so there's no need for..
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Dabur Herbal Toothpaste with clove extract is a natural toothpaste to protect the mouth. Prevents tooth decay and maintains healthy gums. Free from fluoride and harmful chemicals. Eliminates unpleasant odors. Freshens the mouth...
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Refreshing Dentup Herbal Mouthwash – Neem is packed with powerful botanical extracts and essential oils that ensure long-lasting fresh breath, kill hidden bacteria and maintain oral hygiene...
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Try Oral-B Pro, the #1 brand recommended by dentists worldwide. The smooth handle of the electric toothbrush 3000 helps you brush your teeth well. The brush helps you brush for 2 minutes with the professional timer and informs you every 30 seconds to change the area you're brushing. As you just m..
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The Oral-B Vitality 200 electric toothbrush delivers a clinically proven clean compared to a regular manual toothbrush, for a dentist's clean feeling. Inspired by professional dental tools, the Vitality 200 3D White Toothbrush Head is designed to clean individual teeth. It has a specially designed p..
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It strengthens and protects the gums. It has a wonderful natural taste that gives you fresh breath throughout the day. Contains fluoride to fight cavities and strengthen teeth. Cleans even in hard to reach places. Clinically tested by dentists...
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Feel dry and fresh all day and move with confidence. Bench Eight deodorant gives you the feeling of freshness in the shower and long-lasting antiperspirant protection...
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Deodorant with Vitamin C from Nivea Naturals Fairness to make the skin under the arms soft and uniform in color, with Vitamin C. 48-hour anti-perspirant protection that takes care of your skin...
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