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Baby Skin

Love Jojo Baby Care Package 3 in 1
-77 %
Love Jojo Baby Care Set 3 in 1 Shampoo + Cream + Baby Lotion. It is pure and mild, specially designed for children's skin. The product especially contains plant moisturizing formula, so it is soft, non-irritating, and double moisturizing and nourishing. Supplementing the nutrition and moisture t..
S.R 5.75 S.R 25.37
Ex Tax: S.R 5.00
Avalon Sunscreen Spray for Kids - 200 ml
-0 %
Avalon Care Sunscreen SPF50 An easy-to-use spray with wet skin technology and SPF50 to provide complete protection from the sun's rays. All active ingredients are natural, beeswax protects the skin's moisture barrier, sesame, henna and wheat germ work to protect against the sun's rays an..
S.R 77.31 S.R 77.31
Ex Tax: S.R 67.22
Johnson's Morning Dew Cologne - 200 ml
-39 %
The clinically proven gentle formula of Johnson's Morning Dew Cologne is specially designed for baby's delicate skin. Johnson's Morning Dew Cologne contains pure and gentle ocean notes, giving you long-lasting freshness, leaving your baby's skin clean and smelling fresh. Johnson's baby care products..
S.R 20.51 S.R 33.56
Ex Tax: S.R 17.83
Johnson's Baby Powder - 500 gm
-19 %
When a baby is born, his skin is very thin. That's why we've developed our formulations over 125 years to deliver perfect, gentler products for the entire family. Formulated with purified talc, Johnson's Baby Powder absorbs to leave baby's skin feeling comfortable, dry and healthy..
S.R 19.50 S.R 23.99
Ex Tax: S.R 16.96
Saada Beauty Baby Oil Gel with Lavender Floral Scent - 150 ml
-41 %
Saada Beauty Baby Oil Gel with a refreshing floral scent was developed to provide ideal hydration for children. It provides intense nourishment with a combination of active ingredients to give your child's skin intense hydration by retaining skin moisture and giving it softness and freshness. It..
S.R 16.95 S.R 28.80
Ex Tax: S.R 14.74
Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment - 30 gm
-22 %
Bepanthen Diaper Wet Care Ointment for the prevention of allergic reactions caused by wetness of the nappy. It is used to treat and prevent diaper rash, bedsores, skin redness and to protect against wet diapers, and is used to treat stressed, irritated but otherwise healthy skin associated with: red..
S.R 16.93 S.R 21.77
Ex Tax: S.R 14.72
Johnson's Sleep Time Powder For Baby - 500gm
-22 %
Soothe your baby's senses after a bath or nappy change with Johnson's Bedtime Powder. Johnson's Bedtime Powder gently absorbs excess moisture to keep skin soft and dry while you sleep. Johnson's Baby Powder for Bedtime helps eliminate chafing while keeping skin fresh, and gently soothes your baby’s ..
S.R 38.33 S.R 49.29
Ex Tax: S.R 33.33
Johnson's Baby Soft Lotion With Coconut Oil - 300 ml
-29 %
Description: When a baby is born, his skin is very tender. That's why we've developed our formulas over 125 years to deliver perfect products that are kinder to the skin of the whole family. Johnson's Baby Soft Lotion is formulated with coconut oil that leaves your baby's skin feeling soft and sm..
S.R 17.99 S.R 25.49
Ex Tax: S.R 15.65
JOHNSON’S, Fragrance Free Baby Jelly is specially formulated to protect the skin of newborns by creating a light protective barrier against wetness and preventing diaper rash. Johnson's Fragrance Free Baby Jelly is enriched with nourishing oil that locks in moisture to keep your baby's delicate skin..
S.R 8.50
Ex Tax: S.R 7.39
Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes Pack (2 + 2 Free), 1 pc
-29 %
Description: Himalaya Baby Wipes are specially formulated to gently cleanse your baby's delicate skin with a unique formula of Aloe Vera and Lotus. Where aloe vera calms the skin and keeps it fresh and moist, while the lotus leaves the baby's skin soft and soft. Himalaya baby range has ..
S.R 30.85 S.R 43.70
Ex Tax: S.R 26.82
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