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AMZ Beauty Anti-Frizz Kit - 3 Pieces

AMZ Beauty Anti-Frizz Kit - 3 Pieces
AMZ Beauty Anti-Frizz Kit - 3 Pieces
AMZ Beauty Anti-Frizz Kit - 3 Pieces
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AMZ Beauty Anti-Frizz Kit - 3 Pieces
AMZ Beauty Anti-Frizz Kit - 3 Pieces
AMZ Beauty Anti-Frizz Kit - 3 Pieces
AMZ Beauty Anti-Frizz Kit - 3 Pieces
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AMZ Anti-Frizz Treatment Kit

Discover your key to ultra-smooth, frizz-free hair!

The AMZ Anti-Frizz Treatment Kit tames those unmanageable locks and softens rough, damaged hair to give you a professionally-styled sleek look. Infused with pure botanicals from the Amazon Rainforest, this three-part kit is formulated to hydrate, repair, and protect your hair

Environmental conditions, salty water and wrong hair care habits lead to loss of hair moisture, which in turn leads to frizz, using a collection that can smoothen rough and frizzy hair is exactly what you need to tame your locks!

the AMZ anti-frizz kit will keep hair hydrated and frizz in control. Amz kit is consist of A deep-working formula, that is suitable for all hair types, it’s consisting of Guarana, Açai, cupuaçu extract rich in vitamins and antioxidants. It works to bring shine, softness, and smoothness to the hair texture. A high-tech invigorating agent that fights premature aging and hair loss. Helps stimulate hair growth.

100% vegan, formaldehyde-free, paraben-free, and not tested on animals.


Why AMZ anti-frizz kit?

Hairs are made up of 3 basic parts (the cuticle, cortex, medulla) so that the cortex and the medulla make up the core of the hair strand. The cuticle surrounds and protects them both from outside stressors. When cuticles are open, chemicals and water, sun, can enter, altering the hair shaft. Frizz happens when the cuticle is raised and water gets in and makes the hair strand swell.

AMZ anti-frizz kit nourishes hair with vitamins and antioxidants, moisturizing ingredients inside and out to help fill pores and block frizz out so the cuticle layer becomes flat and closed, hair appears smooth, shiny and feels healthy and manageable.


The AMZ Anti-Frizz Treatment Kit includes:
AMZ Shampoo 100ml
AMZ Smoothing Spray 100ml
AMZ Leave-in Conditioner 100ml
Stylish, recycled cotton carrying case
How to Use:

Wash hair twice with shampoo and towel dry to remove excess water

On damp hair apply amz smoother (strand by strand), untangle hair with comp, and leave it to act for 20 minutes 

With amz shampoo wash hair twice again and towel dry to remove excess water.

Apply leavin to damp hair and evenly distribute it.

Dry hair 100% with a hairdryer while constantly brushing it during this process.

In the case of wavy hair and if a greater reduction of volume is desired, pass a Hight temperature flat iron throughout the hair.

Please refer to temperature guide in the enclosed leaflet  

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