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Amar's Henna Hair Dye Black Color - 60 gm

Amar's Henna Hair Dye Black Color - 60 gm
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Amar's Henna Hair Dye Black Color - 60 gm
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Temporary color allows you to experiment with more than one look and helps protect your hair from future damage.
Regulates metabolism and treats scalp problems, making hair soft and smooth as silk
A type of natural hair dye that has many medicinal and therapeutic benefits.

Benefits of henna for hair:

1- Henna treats infections of the scalp.
2-Reduce the rate of hair loss.
3- Henna is an ideal solution to get rid of the problem of dandruff.
4-Reduce the percentage of sweat secretions in the scalp.
5-Give hair health, strength and luster.
6- Increases hair density.
7- Prevents hair graying.
8-Give the hair a rich and shiny color.
9-Equalizes the pH of the scalp.

Brand: Amar's
Color: Black
Made in: India
Model: Henna For Hair
Size: 60g

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