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Al Attar Breast Firming Cream - 200 ml

Al Attar Breast Firming Cream - 200 ml
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Al Attar Breast Firming Cream - 200 ml
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A cream that helps to tighten, lift and reduce the breast. It is specially extracted from the soy plant and ginseng. The soy extract has been prepared with special care to be used on the breast. It is rich in materials that are alpha herb extracts, flavosterone and genistein, which improves and maintains firmness of the breast, making it a young girl's breast. Elevated and beautiful. The regular use of the cream strengthens the breast tissue, making it more solid.

How to use: It is used daily on clean skin by taking an appropriate amount and massaging it on the chest level for 2 to 3 minutes in the morning and evening.

Brand: Al Attar
Material import from: Thailand
Model: Bust Firming Cream
Size: 200ml

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