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Garnier Botanic Therapy Castor Oil & Almond Shampoo - 400 ml
-41 %
Garnier Botanic Therapy Castor Oil and Almond Shampoo are a unique, nourishing formula ideal for weak and brittle hair. Cosmetics were created to effectively improve the condition of the hair follicles, strengthen and thicken them. No more always weak and broken hair! After application, your hair wi..
S.R 13.77 S.R 23.41
Ex Tax: S.R 11.98
Garnier SkinActive Express 2 in 1 Eye Make-up Remover - 125 ml
-18 %
It removes waterproof make-up easily and gently without leaving a greasy feel. Its formula, enriched with double arginine, leaves your eyelashes thicker and stronger after 4 weeks. Garnier SkinActive Express Eye Make-up Remover 2-in-1 is the most effective way to remove make-up, impurities and pollu..
S.R 18.87 S.R 22.92
Ex Tax: S.R 16.41
Garnier 7 Day Care is a moisturizing hand cream with aloe vera that provides intense hydration that lasts even after washing your hands. The composition is enriched with L-Bifidus extract and Aloe Vera extract, which have nutritional properties. The cream is quickly absorbed. Benefits and Feature..
S.R 10.86
Ex Tax: S.R 9.45
Garnier 48H Antiperspirant with minerals and super absorbent properties. Continuous protection for 48 hours against moisture, allows the skin to breathe and gives you a continuous feeling of cleanliness and freshness. Fresh and long lasting fragrance. Benefits and Features: 48 hour protecti..
S.R 11.19
Ex Tax: S.R 9.73
Garnier Sport Maximum Strength Deodorant Spray for Men is specially designed for longer protection even after exercise. Provides a continuous feeling of cleanliness and freshness during and after exercise. Fresh and long lasting fragrance. Benefits and Features: 96 hours of protection again..
S.R 10.20
Ex Tax: S.R 8.87
Garnier Intensive Foot Care Anti-Roughness Regenerating Foot Cream If your feet are very dry, rough and cracked, the formula of the cream has been enriched with allantoin and maple syrup known for their regenerating properties. The cream absorbs instantly and acts as a bandage that protects against ..
S.R 15.48
Ex Tax: S.R 13.46
Garnier Ultra Doux Moisturizing Hair Food Conditioner with Aloe Vera & Coconut - 350 ml
-22 %
Garnier Ultra Doux Moisturizing Hair Food Conditioner with Aloe Vera & Coconut is a hydrating conditioner for normal or dry hair. It contains a formula enriched with aloe vera gel which has a moisturizing effect and quenches the thirst of hair. This conditioner has a creamy texture that melts into t..
S.R 23.10 S.R 29.70
Ex Tax: S.R 20.09
Garnier Ultra Dolce Oats & Sweet Almond Body Wash - 500 ml
-31 %
With cream of oats and sweet almonds in its new soothing and delicately scented recipe, Garnier Ultra Dolce combines two secrets of sweetness: Cream of oatmeal with its nourishing properties, pairs well with sweet almond, and is used to soothe the sensation of dry skin. Contains a superior combinati..
S.R 11.38 S.R 16.50
Ex Tax: S.R 9.89
Garnier Regenerating Hand Cream Intensive Care with Allantoin to restore and care for dry, damaged hand skin. Contains glycerin to resist drying and provide a protective layer. Garnier Intensive Hand Cream, used regularly, soothes and nourishes the damaged skin of the hands, restoring its softness a..
S.R 12.22
Ex Tax: S.R 10.62
Garnier Botanic Therapy Shampoo with Coconut Milk & Macadamia - 400 ml
-41 %
Garnier shampoo contains a unique blend of coconut milk and hazelnut extract, which is suitable for dry and coarse hair and effectively eliminates frizz. This shampoo strengthens and nourishes weak and dull hair, making hair soft and refreshing, giving you beautiful, soft and smooth hair. Benefit..
S.R 13.77 S.R 23.41
Ex Tax: S.R 11.98
Garnier Fructis Hydra Fresh Shampoo with Coconut Water & Purifying Agents - 400 ml
-29 %
Designed for oily hair with dry ends, this Garnier shampoo contains coconut water and cleansing agents to strengthen, cleanse and condition the ends. Garnier Fructis' new formulas contain fortified fruit extracts without parabens. Garnier has created a unique blend of lemon proteins, vitamins B3 and..
S.R 13.04 S.R 18.48
Ex Tax: S.R 11.34
Garnier Fructis Shampoo with Protein & Coconut Oil for Wavy & Curly Hair - 650 ml
-44 %
Keep your hair volume under control with Garnier Fructis Curly and Wavy Hair Shampoo, with its added formula with protein and coconut oil, it will allow you to control curls, as well as keep them defined and resilient for up to 72 hours. It will leave your hair shiny, super soft, and manageable...
S.R 13.40 S.R 24.13
Ex Tax: S.R 11.66
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