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Givenchy Ange Ou Demon Perfume For Women - Eau de Parfum 100 ml
-21 %
New feelings, glowing passion and unbridled desire are enhanced by the most powerful fragrance blend in the world of excitement, with its composition rich in mandarin and orchid scents, wrapped in a spicy aura of thyme and saffron, to enjoy very exciting and dreamy romantic moments. The ending of th..
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Ex Tax: S.R 342.39
Givenchy Xeryus Rouge perfume for men - Eau de Toilette, 100 ml
-35 %
Givenchy Xeryus Rouge for Men - Eau de Toilette is a men's fragrance that was launched in 1996. The fragrance has an oriental woody scent and is known for its warm and spicy notes. It is a popular choice for special occasions and formal occasions. Details that make you the most brilliant a..
S.R 290.00 S.R 445.00
Ex Tax: S.R 252.17
Perfume Givenchy Gentleman for Men - Eau de Toilette 100 ml
-26 %
Givenchy Gentleman Eau de Toilette, the classic and timeless fragrance for the discerning man, is infused with warm notes of patchouli and leather with the softness of iris powder. It is like a bouquet of flowers whose fragrance is unexpected, decidedly elegant on the facets and sensual with an unco..
S.R 342.00 S.R 460.00
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Hair Perfume Givenchy L'Interdit Parfum Pour Les Cheveux Mist - 35 ml
-27 %
A unique and soft fragrance that envelops you with the delicious scent of bergamot and pear mixed with a soft floral heart of jasmine and citrus blossom with fresh tuberose, then makes you feel irresistible with vetiver and patchouli covered with delicate vanilla granules and keeps your hair shiny a..
S.R 197.00 S.R 270.00
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Perfume Givenchy Dahlia Divin Eau de Parfum Nude for Women - 75 ml
-54 %
Givenchy Dahlia Divin Eau de Parfum Nude for Women is the latest women's fragrance that blends floral and fruity scents. This pure, soft fragrance brings out the benefits of natural skin and character. It is very elegant like all Givenchy perfumes. Worth a try...
S.R 297.00 S.R 645.00
Ex Tax: S.R 258.26
Perfume Givenchy Insense UltraMarine for Men - Eau de Toilette 100ml
-38 %
Givenchy Insense Ultramarine For Men: Insense Ultramarine by Givenchy is an aromatic-fruity fragrance for men that was launched in 1994. The top notes are black currant, galbanum, bergamot, and watermelon. The middle notes are magnolia, carnation, iris, mint, sage, lily-of-the-valley, and c..
S.R 176.00 S.R 282.00
Ex Tax: S.R 153.04
Perfume Givenchy Live Irresistible for Women - Eau de Parfum 75 ml
-52 %
Givenchy Live Irresistible perfume for women is a wonderful blend of pink creativity and the pulse of life. It represents the perfect balance of various luscious scents. It beautifully combines fruits, spices and flowers. It moves between scents smoothly to impart an attractive aroma. The notes of p..
S.R 295.00 S.R 610.00
Ex Tax: S.R 256.52
Perfume Givenchy Gentleman BOISEE for men - Eau de Parfum 100 ml
-35 %
Givenchy Gentleman Poise for men is an oriental fragrance for men from a composition rich in spicy black pepper and geranium, in addition to sandalwood scents mixed with coriander that support your bold spirit and a group of woody and patchouli notes that complete your distinctive and exciting look...
S.R 375.00 S.R 577.00
Ex Tax: S.R 326.09
Perfume Givenchy Hot Couture for Women - Eau de Parfum 100 ml
-55 %
Hot Couture was launched in the year 2000. It is an elegant, sexy, and French fragrance for women. The top notes are fruity, bright and refreshing. Raspberry and mandarin blend perfectly with bergamot to give an irresistible, enchanting aroma. The heart of the fragrance highlights a group of wa..
S.R 269.00 S.R 599.00
Ex Tax: S.R 233.91
Perfume Givenchy Gentleman - Eau de Toilette Intense 100 ml
-31 %
Givenchy Gentleman Intense perfume for men is a liberated, sophisticated fragrance with a strong personality that spreads freely in all societies with a bold, glowing look. The oriental fragrance mixture of cardamom and basil adds to you a spicy, attention-grabbing look that captures the eyes of all..
S.R 367.00 S.R 530.00
Ex Tax: S.R 319.13
Perfume Givenchy Gentleman Reserve Privee - Eau de Parfum 100 ml
-13 %
Givenchy Gentleman Reserve Privé for men describes the details of your elegance and increases your attractiveness on all occasions. A new, glowing look awaits you with this charming, magical aroma of luscious iris extract, where floral sophistication meets woody depths. This rare Eau de Parf..
S.R 601.95 S.R 687.95
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Perfume Givenchy L'Interdite for Women - Eau de Parfum Intense 80 ml
-46 %
A charming and soft oriental floral fragrance for women who love the modern look and are always up to date with the amazing fashion touches, its intense drops immerse you in energetic scents of tuberose and villi covered with hot pepper seeds that inflame your senses and give you a very attractive a..
S.R 390.00 S.R 716.00
Ex Tax: S.R 339.13
Perfume Givenchy L’interdit Rouge Perfume for Women - Eau de Parfum 80 ml
-33 %
On the mysterious and exciting nights of winter and autumn, be prepared for moments of fun and style. Spicy ginger atoms spread over the horizon in the first moments, heralding the start of a new journey of fun and confidence. The heart of the pure white fragrance of jasmine and tuberose forms a d..
S.R 442.00 S.R 662.00
Ex Tax: S.R 384.35
Perfume Givenchy Pour Homme Blue Label - Eau de Toilette 100 ml
-41 %
A refreshing and calming fragrance. The attitude and style of the modern man is embodied in this fragrance. It gives a fresh scent that suits the optimistic man, it is dynamic, fresh and woody. This perfume offers the perfect blend of masculinity and seduction. It has a fruity top note. The combinat..
S.R 246.00 S.R 414.00
Ex Tax: S.R 213.91
Perfume Givenchy Gentleman - Eau de Parfum 100 ml
-39 %
An oriental fragrance for men, rich in spicy black pepper and geranium, in addition to sandalwood notes mixed with coriander that support your bold spirit, and a group of woody notes and patchouli that complete your distinctive and exciting look. Painted in a powerful black interior, the bottl..
S.R 367.00 S.R 599.00
Ex Tax: S.R 319.13
Perfume Givenchy Gentlemen Only - Eau de Toilette 100 ml
-48 %
Givenchy introduces Gentlemen Only for the distinguished man of today. His natural, refined elegance is a reflection of the times. This fragrance embodies the essential virtues of being a gentleman: courtesy, elegance, and chivalry. It is modern yet timeless, capturing the essence of a man who is..
S.R 265.00 S.R 505.00
Ex Tax: S.R 230.43
Perfume Givenchy Amarage for Women - Eau de Toilette 100 ml
-16 %
Amarige for women is an expressive, cheerful and aromatic fragrance, for a life-loving woman characterized by the scent of delicious fruit and soft roses. Top notes of the fragrance are composed of fruits such as peach, plum, orange, and mandarin, with rose, the heart of the fragrance consists of a..
S.R 323.44 S.R 383.00
Ex Tax: S.R 281.25
Perfume Givenchy Pi For Men - Eau de Toilette 100 ml
-48 %
An intense and sensual fragrance that contains notes of basil, rosemary, orange blossom, lily-of-the-valley, vanilla, tonka bean, almond and cedar. A masculine fragrance with a symbol and a distinctive bottle designed by Serge Manceau. A fragrant fragrance that suits spring and summer, but wit..
S.R 225.00 S.R 435.00
Ex Tax: S.R 195.65
Perfume Givenchy Organza for Women - Eau de Parfum 100ml
-52 %
The quintessence of timeless beauty, Organza by Givenchy is the perfect blend of refinement and sensuousness. Composed of white flowers enhanced with vanilla, this voluptuous fragrance reveals women's sensuality with elegance. Key Notes: Head Notes: Jasmine Heart Notes: Gardenia B..
S.R 280.00 S.R 578.00
Ex Tax: S.R 243.48
Perfume Givenchy Pour Homme for Men - Eau de Toilette 100 ml
-5 %
Givenchy Pour Homme was created in 2002 for the elegant man. The top notes of the fragrance highlight the citrusy notes of mandarin orange and grapefruit, accompanied by the floral notes of violet and the woody notes of coriander. Middle notes include lavender and vetiver, an aromatic Indian herb kn..
S.R 379.50 S.R 399.00
Ex Tax: S.R 330.00
Perfume Givenchy Ange Ou Demon Le Secret Women - Eau de Parfum 100 ml
-44 %
A secret and mysterious legend inside your soul that reveals the refreshing and lively oriental fragrance with its fragrant composition rich in delicious citrus extracts, tea leaves with cherry seeds, and the captivating fragrance of flowers that gives you special and distinctive aesthetic touches t..
S.R 388.36 S.R 699.00
Ex Tax: S.R 337.70
Perfume Givenchy Xeryus Rouge for Men - Eau de Toilette, 100ml
-48 %
Warm and intense, Xeryus Rouge is a classic, Woody-Oriental designed for a man who embraces his freedom and is a risk-taker at heart. His fiery, intuitive sensuality is irresistibly captivating with an underlying mystery that cannot be resisted. Succulent kumquat and green cactus are dusted with red..
S.R 262.50 S.R 505.00
Ex Tax: S.R 228.26
Perfume Givenchy Dahlia Divin Le Nectar De Parfum- Eau de Parfum for Women -75ml
-46 %
The top notes of plum give way quickly to the heart notes of Sambac jasmine and white flowers. This middle floral layer leaves the strongest impression with the woody base layer of sandalwood and vetiver just giving the fragrance enough depth to keep the floral notes from becoming too heady...
S.R 335.00 S.R 625.00
Ex Tax: S.R 291.30
Perfume Givenchy Irresistible for Women - Eau de Parfum - 80ml
-8 %
Givenchy Irresistible Eau De Parfum Spray for Women is best suited for those who lead an active lifestyle, hold the can 15 cm away from the body and spray thoroughly. A powerful and refreshing fragrance like no other. Soothing experience all day. A perfume that gives you a blissful fragrance. The to..
S.R 610.94 S.R 662.00
Ex Tax: S.R 531.25
Perfume Givenchy Dahlia Divin for women - Eau de Parfum, 75 ml
-46 %
Givenchy Dahlia Divine is a complex blend of jasmine sambac mixed with the scent of Cypriot woods. This blend was formulated by "Francois Demachy" and begins with the scent of mirabella peach, which transports you to the scent of jasmine, sambac and white flowers, and the base is made of s..
S.R 320.00 S.R 597.00
Ex Tax: S.R 278.26
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