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Olay Beauty Fluid moisturiser is the one bottle solution for your skincare needs Light and silky feel and ideal base for make-up With moisture-rich nutrients helping to lock in natural moisture and maintain daily skin hydration level Will not clog pores due to its fast-absorbing and non-greasy..
S.R 26.39
Ex Tax: S.R 22.95
Olay Natural White Day SPF 24 Fairness Cream 50 gm
-41 %
  Helpful to reduce dark circles resulting in even skin tone Improve appearance of pigmentation marks and reduce face puffiness Stimulates skin renewal and helps lighten spots, blemishes Your skin is vulnerable to the sun's UV rays and signs of skin darkening during the day .tb_butt..
S.R 11.04 S.R 18.77
Ex Tax: S.R 9.60
Olay Natural White night cream for fairer and more radiant skin Deeply nourishes and moisturises your skin while you sleep Gives you smooth and feather-soft skin Contains only natural ingredients Suitable for everyday use For all skin types OLAY NATURAL WHITE ALL-IN-WHITE NIGHT CREAM ..
S.R 18.25
Ex Tax: S.R 15.87
Olay Complete Care Day Cream Normal/Dry SPF15 50 ml
-40 %
Complete Nourishng Day Cream (SPF 15) provides your skin with hydration, daily nourishment and protection from the sun. Its light, non-greasy formula is non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores), 100% oil free and 100% PABA free. Complete Nourishng Day Cream (SPF 15) gives your skin a complete balance of m..
S.R 28.75 S.R 47.92
Ex Tax: S.R 25.00
Olay Double Action Day Cream 50 ml
-30 %
Exposure to everyday stress and environmental factors can take away the natural moisture of your skin. With Olay Double Action Day Cream, you can restore skin's natural moisture and protect it from moisture loss from the inside. The skin absorbs the unique non-greasy formula quickly, and does not le..
S.R 16.77 S.R 24.10
Ex Tax: S.R 14.58
An essential ingredient for pure beauty with Olay's original moisturizing formula. Wake up to smooth, beautiful skin daily The Classic Care range of moisturizers locks in natural moisture in the inner layers of your skin to keep it looking smooth and shiny for up to 24 hours. Classic Care products ..
S.R 17.69
Ex Tax: S.R 15.38
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