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Soap \ Shower Gel

The invigorating aquatic scent keeps you feeling fresh during and after the shower . The effective cleansing formula leaves your skin feeling cleansed while maintaining its pH balance . Enriched with gentle sea minerals, it moisturizes the skin better than soap ...
SAR 26.07 ر.س
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Creates a generous lather that gently cleanses the body without drying out skin Enriched with almond oil that delivers hydrating, soothing and healing properties Proffers a long lasting fragrance that renders a refreshing feel..
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Ex Tax: SAR 5.09 ر.س
 Elkhabir Zine Lilaarais  Moroccan Body Soap With Turmeric And Cypraea  Elkhabir Zine Lilaarais  Moroccan Body Soap With Turmeric And Cypraea
Natural Moroccan Baladi Soap extracted from olive oil, turmeric and cypraea extracts from Zine lilaarais It exfoliates and cleans the skin and removes excess skin or dead cells in the skin to become more vibrant and smooth, and it also revitalizes the skin and provides it with vitamins. It pre..
SAR 34.50 ر.س
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 Jardin D Oleane  Morocan Black Soap With Olive Oile 250 g
-33 %
Helps to get rid of meat and dead cells that accumulate in different parts of the skin, especially, and skin in general, and take these meat pores home, which leads to the closure of these pores, but this soap lightens these pores through the disposal of these meat. Works to get rid of fat, and depo..
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THE ORIGINAL KOJIE SAN: Accept no imitations – this is the only original 100% authentic Kojie San! Made in the Philippines and now available from the manufacturer, BEVI, for an affordable price! THE MOST EFFECTIVE: contains high grade cosmetic all-natural Kojic Acid that helps prevent melanin prod..
SAR 15.44 ر.س
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Provides protection from germs and moisturizes your skin...
SAR 24.90 ر.س
Ex Tax: SAR 21.65 ر.س
Formulated with deep moisture serum Helps prevent flanking and irritation, keeping skin well hydrated Formula helps reactive the skin’s natural processes..
SAR 7.33 ر.س
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.Jardin D Oleane Morocan Black Soap With Indigo Blue 500 g
-31 %
Moroccan Nila soap is characterized by useful and very nourishing properties for the skin as it helps to lighten the skin, unify the color of the body and get rid of sun damage, melasma and blackheads as it works to clean and tighten skin sagging, giving the skin freshness, radiance and tight sk..
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This caring cream shower nourishes your skin with selected elements of  NIVEA . The formula with Pro-Vitamin and caring oils leaves your skin moisturized and smooth with the unique NIVEA scent...
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Dermocare Skin Lightening soap for whitening. This is due to its many anti-inflammatory properties..
SAR 26.42 ر.س
Ex Tax: SAR 22.97 ر.س
Yellow sulfur soap for whitening. This is due to its many anti-inflammatory properties..
SAR 25.95 ر.س
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A bar of soap with a fine mesh to create an abundant and soft lather The complexion deeply cleanses and nourishes it Rose and cherry blossom extracts help soothe and nourish the complexion..
SAR 14.38 ر.س
Ex Tax: SAR 12.50 ر.س
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