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Pantene believes that modern day hair problems require modern solutions. For that reason, we developed a leave-on oil replacement that intensively regenerates damaged hair and helps counter the effects of everyday styling. Pantene Pro-V Daily Care oil replacement strengthens the hair 2x more than ha..
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Armala Hair Mask With Argan Oil  500 ml Armala Hair Mask With Argan Oil  500 ml
-15 %
An immediate and effective moisturizing and repair, and it is added to all types of hair. Give your hair the strength and shine it deserves thanks to Armala's Repairing Mask with Moroccan Argan Oil, made with a unique blend of ingredients, including Vitamin E and Rich Argan Oil. This mask will mois..
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Creates a rich lather to gently remove dandruff ensuring a healthy scalp Infused with tea tree oil that fights scalp infections and relieves itching Rich in natural ingredients that help moisturise the hair, preventing dryness..
SAR 28.59 ر.س
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BOUTIQUE Hair Treatment Cream With Argan Oil is specially formulated for dry and unmageable hair this product includes moisturizing and softening...
SAR 18.47 ر.س
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A tailor made oil replacement that restores the beautiful health of your hair.This lightweight and non greasy formula instantly melts into your hair, giving it a sweet and comforting scent...
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Nourishing Oil Replacement for weak hair with tendency to fall, with healing castor and almond oils, to intensly nourished and strengthened hair from roots to tips, the hair has a stronger feel and a velvety-smooth touch. Used as an after wash, for protection against external aggressions, applied al..
SAR 15.40 ر.س
Ex Tax: SAR 13.39 ر.س
Garnier Ultra Doux Honey Treasures Oil Replacement Replenishing honey treasures oil replacement A tailor-made oil replacement that restores the beautiful health of your hair. A powerful recipe with royal jelly, propolis and honey crafted for fragile and damaged hair...
SAR 18.31 ر.س
Ex Tax: SAR 15.92 ر.س
Smoothing rough skin. Reducing itching and irritation. Remove surface impurities. - Reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Moisturizing dry skin. Whitening and getting rid of dark spots. - Lightening dark circles. Reducing acne and removing its effects and scars...
SAR 6.00 ر.س
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- Helps to clean the skin. It treats freckles. Treats sensitive skin problems such as itching, flaking and pimples. - Accelerates wound healing. Contributes to the treatment of psoriasis and eczema. Hides stretch marks. It moisturizes the skin and increases its softness, as it protects it from..
SAR 6.00 ر.س
Ex Tax: SAR 5.22 ر.س
Now you can experience the nourishing feeling of Extraordinary Oil but in the lightness of a cream. With 6 luxurious flower oils, discover a new daily beauty ritual DIRECTIONS: before bath, apply a generous amount on dry hair, leave on as long as you wish then shampoo. During bath, apply on sham..
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L'Oreal Elvive Tinted Mascarella Condoms 300 ml + Shampoo 250 ml L'Oreal Elvive Tinted Mascarella Condoms 300 ml + Shampoo 250 ml
-26 %
An expert in colored or distinctive hair. Discover a caring ritual to protect and prolong color intensity, enhance shine and revive reflections: for amazing color, sparkle like day 1...
SAR 36.23 ر.س SAR 49.29 ر.س
Ex Tax: SAR 31.50 ر.س
For unmanageable, frizzy hair, the secret for a healthy straightening treatment with black cumin oil and micro keratin, to revitalize the hair fibre and smoothens it Directions apply on wet or damp hair, blow dry your hair or proceed to your usual brushing, for a straighter look, use a flat iron...
SAR 19.17 ر.س
Ex Tax: SAR 16.67 ر.س
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