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Al Attar Pure African Shea Butter 500 ml

Al Attar Pure African Shea Butter 500 ml
Al Attar Pure African Shea Butter 500 ml
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Shea butter is one of the most popular natural products to treat many skin problems. It can be used to treat and pamper the skin. Here are some of the many uses of shea butter
1- Skin moisturizer
Regular use of shea butter as a face moisturizer helps to keep the skin supple and protect it from the appearance of wrinkles.
2- To soften the skin
Shea butter is great for keeping skin supple and softening rough areas like elbows and knees.
3- Body Balm
Shea butter can be mixed with other oils to make a moisturizing body conditioner.
4- Gentle body scrub
Use shea butter before using a sugar body scrub, and gently massage the body to remove the layers of dead skin. You will then get smooth and healthy skin.
5- To take care of the skin of infants
Shea butter is excellent for caring for babies' skin and soothing nappy infections.
6- Feet care
Use shea butter on your feet to retain moisture and get rid of cracked heels, especially after pedicure.
7- To get rid of itching
8- To moisturize the lips
You can use raw shea butter as a lip balm to keep lips soft and moisturized.
9- To get rid of stretch marks
To get rid of stretch marks on the skin, you can massage the affected areas with shea butter. With regular and repeated use, you will notice yourself the disappearance of these signs. It is of great benefit for pregnant women after childbirth and removing the effects of pregnancy.
10- To eliminate scars and acne scars
Shea butter helps fade dark marks and pigmentation caused by acne.
11- To treat sunburn
When you are exposed to the sun for a long time, be sure to use shea butter directly to get rid of the effects of sunburn quickly.
12- Massage oil
You can use a little shea butter and massage it between your hands to get a wonderful massage oil.
You can use shea butter as an essential part of your daily skin care routine, to get rid of skin and hair problems at the same time.

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